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2017 Austin Music Festival Fashion Trends You’ll Want to Rock

This year’s Austin music festival fashions are sure to turn heads!

There’s no shortage of awesome music festivals in Austin. Our Austin beauty school students would undoubtably have a great time even if they wore a sack over their heads with holes for eyes, but they wouldn’t do that. There are far too many picture-perfect opportunities. After all, fashion is right up there with the music when it comes to festivals. You never know who you’ll meet or run into, and looking your best can make your weekend that much more exciting.

Austin Music Festival Fashion: Top Hair Styles

  • Flower crowns
  • Funky braids
  • Bandanas help keep your hair back while you’re rocking out, and double as a nose guard when crowds of people start kicking up dust
  • Vibrant hair colors, from steel grey to streaks of pink, your hair is the perfect canvas to showcase your winning style. Graffiti hair and blue hair are some popular styles of 2017
  • Bun it, go for a half-up bun or octopus bun, or invent your own bun
  • Add some glitter gel to your hair for an extra pop of magic

Austin Music Festival Fashion: Top Makeup Styles


  • Floral faces & face jewels; add flowers or jewels to your face for a truly festive look.
  • Add the colors of the rainbow around your eyes (pictured above) for serious ‘wow’ factor
  • Chrome liner, we love this heavy metal look
  • Neon eyelids; outfit your lids in shades of neon yellow, pink, blue, or whatever color looks best on you

Austin Music Festival Fashion: Top Clothing Trends

Crop tops, asymmetrical skirts, denim shorts, converse shoes, military boots, cowboy boots—there are so many options to outfit your figure!

  • Pair a lace dress with chunky sandals to create a hip-casual look.
  • ‘Merica gear; American music festivals are all about rocking the red, white, and blue these days—especially if you’ve got country acts on your to-see list. American flag shirts, striped and star-spangled boots, flag tattoos; there are endless ways to showcase your American pride
  • Long loose cover-up; the right flowy wrap or kimono offers a portable “towel” of sorts so you can sit on the grass or dirt without irritating your legs. Plus, they help some of us feel more comfortable in short-shorts–a staple at music festivals
  • Fanny packs; sure, you used to make fun of people sporting fanny packs, but now they are showing up on fashionable bodies at festivals all over the nation. Bonus perk: it’s harder to lose something that’s strapped to your body
  • Hats–cowboy hats, beach hats, custom ball caps; get creative and enjoy added protection from the sun
  • Don’t forget your shades!

Check out our Instagram for details and updates on what our students will be wearing this festival season!