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5 of Our Favorite Second Day Hairstyles

Washing your hair every day takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, it’s not even good for your hair to over-wash it. Having an arsenal of easy secondary day hairstyles will help you stay stylish without spending all your time showering and blow drying your hair.  

5 Easy Breezy Second Day Hairstyles

Sick of top buns? Luckily, there are many other cute and easy hairstyles for second day hair. Here are some of our favorites that you can easily recreate.

1. Braid It Out the Night Before for Loose Beachy Waves

If you know you are not going to wash your hair the next day, you can plan ahead by braiding your hair before you go to bed. When you wake up, simply unbraid your hair for beautiful beachy waves.

Spritz some dry spray onto your roots and use a fine-tooth comb to tease your hair at the roots so that it looks refreshed as opposed to flat.

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2. Half Up, Half Down

If you’re like us, second day hair is often a no-go because of the nasty part you get at the back of your head – a complete giveaway that you’re wearing second day hair. You can hide the dreaded back part by wearing your hair half up/half down.

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3. Long Braid

Braiding your hair is a quick and easy way to hide the fact you haven’t washed your hair in a day… or two. There are many different types of braids you can use depending on the length of your hair and your personal skill set.

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4. Messy Chic Ponytail

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail – using Ariana Grande as inspiration, of course. Leave a few pieces out in front to create a more stylish look as opposed to gym-ready glam. If your hair isn’t long enough, consider adding a clip-in extension piece.

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5. Low Bun

The top bun is old news and outplayed in yoga studios across the nation. We are all about this low bun right now! Incorporate accents like braids and pretty clips to create a look that’s uniquely you.

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3 Quick Tips for Perfect Second Day Hairstyles

  • Dry hair spray is everything

If your hair tends to edge on the greasy side, make sure to invest in a good dry hairspray.

  • Invest in a silk pillow case

A silk pillow case is a must-have! It will keep your hair looking better overnight and help you to avoid that dreaded back part.

  • Night time braids

Even if your second day hairstyle plans include wearing your hair up, you may still want to braid your hair the night before. It’ll keep your locks more manageable and add a nice wave to ponytails.  

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