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5 Reasons Why Online Classes Are Beneficial

With a large portion of the nation under social distancing restrictions, working and learning from home have become the new normal. Adapting to a new environment can be difficult, especially during unprecedented times. Education has drastically changed over the last few months and remote learning has become a staple for every program whether it’s a college course, massage school, cosmetology classes or esthetics courses. Almost anything can be taught online due to the digital advancements and access to technology both students and teachers have nowadays. Before COVID-19 online classes were growing rapidly so it will be interesting to see if this pandemic causes long term changes in the education system. Let’s explore a few benefits of online classes. 

Career Advancement

There is an endless amount of information to be learned online. If you’re participating in remote training, then there is a huge opportunity for growth and advancement in the area. As a beauty school, cosmetology school, massage school or esthetics school student there is a lot of room for growth in your chosen field. If there are certain skills you have struggled with or a topic that you need to learn more about to more effectively perform, then remote learning is the perfect opportunity to focus on those things. You have the option to work on whichever skills you need to in order to better yourself. 


Remote learning gives students the opportunity to adjust their learning to fit with your life. You no longer have to worry about physically being in a certain location which also saves you time since you don’t have to travel back and forth to attend training classes. 

Increased Engagement

Online learning materials are usually more visually stimulating, concise and interactive. Classes will most likely involve features like surveys, polls, quizzes, etc. This leads to increased engagement from students, especially because classes with multimedia content are accessible on any device and give students the control to choose how they want to consume the material. 

Reduced Distractions

One of the best things about remote learning is that assessment is an ongoing process. Increased student engagement coupled with no peer distractions makes for a much more conducive learning environment. With no competition or dominant students, each student feels more comfortable to get involved or initiate interactions. There are some courses that are taught better in an online environment due to the numerous visual tools and technological advancements. 

Improved Attendance

Without the need to travel long distances in order to attend an in-person class, attendance improves significantly. Today’s tech-savvy generation love the concept of online classes because they do not require any personal interaction or travel. The ability to learn from home allows students to participate more and stay engaged for longer periods of time than in a traditional classroom setting. 

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