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What are the Hottest Makeup Looks that You Should Sport for Spring 2017?

Expert Spring Makeup Tips from Austin, Texas Cosmetology School The most recent beauty trends are nothing if not colorful, so what are fashionistas and makeup lovers supposed to look forward to for spring of 2017? Hollywood celebs are seen wearing eighties-inspired makeup while models are as glittery as can be. Would the same styles and

Skin Care Tips during Transitioning Seasons

Just because the skin dries out during the winter season does not mean that you can skip that bottle of sunblock or moisturizer. Different seasons of the year have varying effects on the skin and if you took classes at a beauty school in Austin, TX, this is probably something that was taught by the

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for Fall

If you’re a graduate of a cosmetology school in Austin, TX and you are thinking about getting into the bridal industry, you are in for a treat. No matter which season of the year your bridal client is saying her “I dos”, there are tons of hair and makeup inspiration available. Let’s say that you

What are the Hottest Hair Color Trends for Fall 2016?

Tips from Austin, TX Cosmetology School Beauty experts recommend changing your hair color seasonally. In an article published at, Rita Hazan who regularly does the hair color of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and other Hollywood stars, said that it’s similar to the way that you should change your makeup and clothes. Depending on the season

Cool Summer Hair for Smooth Summer Tunes

The days of the Gen X-ers are gone. Enter the Millenials; we’re independent thinkers and always set the tone for the newest and coolest trends in all things beauty and fashion. This summer, it’s not enough to have the hottest tickets in town to the summer’s best music festivals, but we gotta’ look the part.

2015 Beauty Trends Shaping the Future of Fashion

It’s no secret that beauty trends are constantly changing. So much so that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them. With every new year, new concepts and ideas emerge, which is what keeps the beauty industry exciting! What follows is a brief description of some beauty trends for 2015, for both professionals and the stylish.

12 Beauty Products that Should Be Banned

Since the beginning of humanity, both synthetic and natural products have been applied and ingested to improve beauty (which is in the eye of the beholder, of course).  But the more we learn about how beauty products affect us, the more we can make smarter choices as consumers. We explore a dozen beauty products that