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From Cobalt Eyes to Chestnut-Colored Lips: Summer Makeup Looks to Try for 2016

Achieve That Summer Makeup Glow with the Help of Cosmetology Schools in Austin, Texas!

Haircutting, facials, related theory, coloring, scalp treatment, cold waving, chemical hair relaxing, and makeup are some of the subjects included in a curriculum of cosmetology schools in Austin, Texas as well as neighboring areas. If you are a student, you should definitely study these, while also keeping up with the hottest trends in the beauty industry.

For instance, with summer coming right up, what are the hottest makeup looks that you can try for yourself – and your clients – this 2016? Read on to find out.

The Hottest Summer Makeup Looks for 2016

If you’re a student at any of the cosmetology schools near Austin, Texas, you would have to be aware of the latest trends in the beauty industry because there are what your clients would want to try. It definitely helps to watch the latest runway shows, check out the photos on beauty blogs or fashion websites, and keep abreast of the hottest trends in the fashion industry in general. 2016 may already be halfway through but it’s just the beginning of summer, and these are the must-try makeup looks:

• Clumpy eyelashes
Bold brows are still in but when it comes to eyelashes, clumpy is the new norm. This is actually a revival of a 1970s makeup trend sported by “The Shining” actress Shelley Duvall when she was a teenager. Match this with natural or even faux freckles, and you or your client will look runway-ready.

• Cobalt eyeliner
Another hot summer makeup trend is using cobalt blue eyeliner. Apply the bold-colored liner at the inner rims of the eye and match with the same shade of eyeshadow at the roots of the eyelashes. This is perfect for clients who would like their peepers to look more defined and brighter.

• Cranberry or champagne eyeshadow
There are several shades of eyeshadow used by makeup artists in the runway these days. A matte cranberry shadow allows for a dramatic effect, while models like Gigi Hadid usually sport a champagne shade. These bold colors help conceal imperfections like under-eye circles, freckles or blemishes.

• Glitter!
On the runway shoes of fashion houses like Givenchy, Delpozo, Marc Jacobs, and Naeem Khan, models are made up with lots and lots of glitter. The already bold eyebrows are bedazzled with silver sequins, while Hollywood stars opt for glittery arches or full-fledged wings at the corner of their eyes.

• Chestnut, red or glossy black-cherry lips
Women can instantly look well put together with a red pout, but the makeup trend this summer is to have red lips – and nothing else. The scarlet shade looks much more dramatic against bare skin, which should of course be primed to make it look flawless. Another hot lip shade is chestnut which is darker than tan but lighter than brown. Matte chestnut lipstick is definitely a must-add to your makeup collection. If you have a very young clientele who looks at celebs like Kylie Jenner for inspiration, you might also want to try putting glossy black cherry lipstick. Instead of looking goth, the gloss and the unique red-black shade makes it high fashion.

These trends may only be discussed briefly during your classes at cosmetology schools within Austin, Texas – so you should do your homework and make yourself up to date with the latest makeup trends, based on the time of the year and the fashion season.