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First Makeup Client Consultation Tips

You now consider yourself a certified makeup artist and you’re about to have your very first makeup client consultation. You’re pretty confident with your skills weaving the makeup brush but you have never met up a client for a consultation before. You might find the below tips very useful.

What Happens During a Makeup Client Consultation?

First, you have to know exactly what happens during a client consultation. Similar to how brides have fittings for their wedding gown prior to the big day, clients who are getting your services as a makeup artist also need to see if you’re a good fit. During the client consultation, you are expected to ask questions to determine what kind of makeup the client expects for the occasion.

You might also need to do a quick demo or a test makeup session. There are instances when a client decides not to hire a makeup artist based on how the consultation went. This is something you would want to avoid, so it pays to make preparations beforehand.

Makeup Client Consultation Tips for First Timers

To turn your first makeup client consultation into a success, here are a few tips to remember:

• Do your homework.
Even already experienced makeup artists still do the grunt work when meeting a client for the first time. As a beginner, it’s a must for you to know which styles, trends, and products in makeup your client could possibly like. If you really have no idea about how a client makeup consultation goes, ask an expert or even ‘shadow’ one. No matter which industry it is you’re in, having someone to mentor you through the ins and outs of the industry is a must. Hopefully, you already have one who is more than willing to each you and you can use his or her advice when it comes to meeting a client for a makeup consultation for the first time.

• Prepare everything prior to the consultation.
As a legit makeup artist, you should be paid for your time during a client consultation even if you are just a beginner. Make the client aware of this, and you can also squeeze in a discussion about payment for the rest of the contract, based on how the consultation goes. Whether or not the client chooses to hire you after the consultation, you need to get paid for your time.

Next, prepare face charts which you can use to give the client a visualization of how the finished makeup would look like. You should also prepare your makeup kit. The rule of thumb to follow is to not bring your whole arsenal – just choose ones which you know would fit the look that the client might want, plus a few alternative options still related to the makeup style you want to pull off.

• Start the makeup consultation by making the client feel comfortable.
On the day of the consultation, dress well and look your best. Make sure that your makeup also suits a similar look that the client may want to have. For example, if a bridal look needs makeup for her day wedding, you might want to go for a natural, no-makeup look for yourself during the consultation. You can turn your own face into a demo of your talent.

• Know the right questions to ask.
Next, here is a quick list of questions that you can ask a client during your makeup consultation:
– What is your personal makeup routine like?
– What type of event are you attending, or what kind of photo shoot is it?
– What is the outfit for the event like?
– When you’re attending a dressy event, which makeup style do you usually have?

By learning the client’s answers to these questions, you can come up with a final look that will be satisfactory to you both. Be open to suggestions. Some clients do not want to end up looking like an entirely different person even though they are fully made up, so make sure you understand that before creating a final look.

Lastly, do not be afraid to be as creative as you’d like and be confident with your skills. At the end of the consultation, your client should be wowed by how she looks in the mirror, so don’t be afraid to bring out your tricks and demonstrate your creativity.