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Forecasted Beauty Trends for 2015

beauty-trendsThe New Year will definitely bring adventurous beauty trends that are reminiscent of the early 1900s to 1920s glamor days. With a shimmery golden saturation on the lids of your eyes, red, creamy lipstick smeared elegantly onto your smiling lips, and a rosy hue to the balls of your cheeks, you will reek luxury and timeless beauty to those around you.  Even your eyebrows will speak volumes to your onlookers after being carefully groomed.

The Shimmer of Silver and Gold

2015 brings us into an era that mimics the 1920s glamour.  On the other end of the spectrum, and there are actually many “other ends,” is the “rebellious beauty” trend.  From glam to rebel, there are many ways to make yourself noticeable from frigid January 2015 on into the balmy summer months. Ralph Lauren is known for his luxurious inclusion of design elements and accent color pallets.  This season, he proudly let his fashionable ladies catwalk down the runway batting their golden hued eyes at their pleased spectators.  In order to add another realm of brightness to the eyes, makeup designers at Lauren’s show blended gold shimmer powder on the lids and a lighter, almost silvery powder onto the inner corners of the models’ eyes.

Rebels with a Cause

Temporary tattoos and faux piercings are all the rage in 2015.  It is all about having fun without the irreversible consequences through pain, infection, and unnecessary scarring.  You can even expect to see ladies on the street wearing leather strips on their eyelids and shiny cellophane at the corners of their eyes for a pretty 3D effect.  When you think of temporary tattoos, most think to just put one on their arm or ankle for a cute little accent.  Well, at Tommy Hilfiger’s 2015 show, his runway models went all out sporting “tattoos” covering their torsos and accenting their makeup, lending something a bit more unconventional in the beauty world.

Blue Nails

The upcoming 2015 season takes us back to when having blue painted nails was cool.  Instead of dark blue, it is cobalt blue that is all the rage this time. It would do you good to try something out of the ordinary, as this season is all about being true to yourself and different from the crowd.

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