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Give Your Loved One’s Feet a Much-Deserved Pampering: Ways to Give a Foot Massage

One of the most overused, yet often ignored parts of the human body is the feet. Women typically encase their feet in high-heeled shoes which pinch the toes and change the natural arch of their foot. It’s no wonder why high heels are also called torture devices. Men, on the other hand, typically stay up on their feet or walk around in sometimes uncomfortable shoes, without really caring for their feet after being up for a long time. So what’s the best way to treat your overused feet? A simple foot soak and massage will do.

What are the Benefits of a Foot Massage?

For professionals, reflexology techniques are used when administering a foot massage. For this, specific points or areas of the foot are massaged to improve internal organ. These points are said to be connected to different parts of the body, so applying pressure on point A can help relieve headaches while massaging point B may help ease the pain on the back. When aromatherapy oils and soothing music is added onto the mix, a thirty minute or one hour foot massage will do wonders for your spirit.

Other benefits of getting a foot massage is improved circulation; prevention of foot and ankle injuries; reduction of depression and anxiety; easing of headaches, migraines and other muscle pains; lowering of blood pressure; helping alleviate flat feet and plantar fasciitis; and helping soothe the symptoms of PMS for women, as well as the negative effects of menopause or edema during pregnancy.

Techniques to Give an Ultra-Relaxing Foot Massage

It’s good if you’re on the receiving end of a soothing foot massage, but what if you would like to give the same treatment to a loved one? You don’t necessarily have to study massage therapy to be able to give a feel-good foot massage. With the right tools and massaging techniques, you can give your loved on a foot massage that will make him or her feel spectacularly good, without having to hire the services of a professional therapist.

Take a look at a few techniques on how you can give an ultra-relaxing foot massage:

  • Soak the feet first.

A professional Thai foot massage involves soaking the feet in a bath. At home, you can do this by slicing up half a lime and placing it in bowl of warm water. If you’re giving a foot massage to your significant other, ask her to rest her feet in the water. After a few minutes, use the other half of the lime as a scrubber and apply the citrus as a scrubber for all areas of her feet. Aside from relaxation, the natural acid from the fruit will help remove dead skin cells while the water softens the skin of the feet.

  • Start the foot massage by rotating the ankles.

Next, use a fluffy hand towel and soak it in the footbath. Hold it above her knee and allow the water to drop from the leg to the calf and the foot. Pat dry, then start the massage by rotating the ankles in a clockwise direction. Do the same thing on the opposite direction, then rotate each individual toe in the same way.

  • Apply lotion or oil and work your way to the soles of the feet.

You can either use oil or lotion and apply it onto the feet. Take one foot in both hands, then let your fingers walk back and forth through the soles of the feet. Use your thumbs to increase the pressure and target the pressure points. Proceed to massaging the ball of the foot, then work on the opposite sides of the sole. With interlaced fingers, slide your hands up and down over the whole foot.

  • Look for the area in the foot where the muscle meets the bones.

Place the tips of your fingers on the metatarsal which are the bones along the top of the foot. Carefully glide your fingers up and down the area. You can finish the massage by looking for the area in the foot where the muscle meets the bones. Glide your thumb along this line and work your way up to the shin, using slight pressure.

Follow these tips so that you can give your loved one an unforgettable foot massage.



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