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What are the Hottest Hair Color Trends for Fall 2016?

Client getting a fashionable hairdo.Tips from Austin, TX Cosmetology School

Beauty experts recommend changing your hair color seasonally. In an article published at, Rita Hazan who regularly does the hair color of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and other Hollywood stars, said that it’s similar to the way that you should change your makeup and clothes. Depending on the season of the year, the tone of your skin can change so you also have to alter the hues of your precious locks. You should also do it whenever you feel the need to change up or update your look.

So what are the basic tips if you would like to try out a new hair color just in time for the fall season? Let’s say that you are a student at a cosmetology school in Austin, TX who would like to stay updated with the trends. Still according to Hazan, you can switch the client’s hair to a shade that’s one or two shades warmer than your original hair color. Not only will the new hair color make you look fashion forward, but the changed up style will also make you feel good about yourself and amp up your vibe.

Top 10 Fall Hair Color Trends

For the 2016 fall season, here are the top ten hottest hair colors to try out:
1. Baby Highlights
Look up Priyanka Chopra and you will see pictures of her having ‘babylights’ or baby highlights on her hair. When hair is overly processed or colored, it actually tends to make the strands look over processed. This is something that you might have learned in school at a cosmetology school near Austin, TX. With babylights, this is something that you don’t have to worry about because it’s just a subtle touch up that will update the hue of your locks.

2. Bombshell Red
For this shade, think Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones. Bombshell red is for the woman who would like to really stand out in the crowd.

3. Bronde
For the fall fashion season of 2016, any shade of blonde is considered trendy. First, there’s bronde or brown-blonde which has been gracing the runways since last year. It’s a very trendy shade which has different variations. You can either go for a murky brown-blonde, or something that’s a subtler blending of blonde and brown tones.

4. Beach Blonde
Hailey Baldwin’s blonde shade is the perfect example of the beach blonde color that’s fall-appropriate. It will make you look like you just took a vacation from an exotic Asian destination where it’s summer all year-long.

5. Creamy Blonde
A few years back, platinum blonde hair has been all the rage but now, a trendier variation is a bit less loud. Creamy blonde is a milky combination of traditional blonde and platinum blonde. If you were able to update your locks with a platinum blonde color last year, you can ask your colorist to simply update it with this shade so you don’t have to pay for a full-on hair color.

6. Dark Roots
Maintaining a full head of colored hair takes up too much work. Thankfully, the blonde with dark roots trend has been accepted in the beauty industry. Whatever light hair color you have can now be grown out to show your dark roots, and you would not have committed any fashion faux pas.

7. Face-Framing Highlights
Again, if budget is an issue and you don’t want to pay for a full head color, go for subtler face-framing highlights instead. If you have light blonde hair, you can go for an ever lighter shade – but only on parts of the hair which frame your face. Less expensive, but still fashionable.

8. Halfway Honey
Mindy Kaling, Olivia Wilde, and Alexa Chung are recently seen sporting the halfway honey hair color trend. This is perfect for those who are growing out their rainbow hair, or those who simply want to update their hair color without having to pay for a full dye job.

9. Raven Black
The fall season is quite gloomy, so allow your hair color to reflect this mood by sporting raven black locks.

10. Soft Jet Color
Finally, if you think that raven black hair will look too harsh on you, go for a softer hue that’s called muted or soft jet. This will complement almost all complexions and give your hair the color update that it needs. Whether you’re a client or a student of a cosmetology school near Austin, TX, this subtle shade is a must-try.

Which of these hair color trends for fall are you willing to try out?