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How Google Chromebooks Make Online Learning More Effective

Concerns over the ongoing pandemic have caused schools and training programs across the country to close their doors and engage in distance education. Programs like cosmetology, esthetics, and massage have been forced to adapt to the online world and educators have continued to arrange remote support for their students. Partners like Google have created a number of resources to assist both students and educators in the process of switching to online learning. One of the best tools for students to use during this unprecedented time is a Google Chromebook.

Chromebooks are a multifaceted device that allows students and teachers to access the internet, apps and extensions. The best part is they are shareable so teachers and students can connect without being in the same room. On top of these features, Chromebooks have automatic updates and a strong security system which means they will last long after purchasing. Deploying devices for a learning environment can be quite daunting, but Google’s admin console gives IT admins the power to make the best decisions. Since Chromebooks are remotely managed, it makes managing a large number of devices simple for schools and IT teams. There’s no need to manually install software on each device as they are updated automatically online. This makes it easy for Chromebooks to become take-home devices used in training programs like cosmetology, massage and esthetics.

When it comes to using the Chromebook from home, there are a number of features that students can benefit from. Chromebooks are completely customizable to suit each students learning style – tools, apps and extensions can be configured in order to best suit each student. Even if they don’t have access to WiFi, apps like Google Drive where they can edit and save files operates completely offline. Students can even record videos and take photos while offline. These features accommodate students who may not have internet access at all times but still want to participate in remote learning for their cosmetology, massage or esthetics program. In addition to catering to students who may not have access to commodities like internet, Chromebooks have a range of price options that are affordable for all students. Unlike some devices, Chromebook is designed to last and survive through the wear and tear of students who may use the device.

Remote learning can be difficult to kickstart especially under pressure and in this uncertain time, it is the only option for many students and teachers. Communication is the most important factor to consider when implementing distance education into your program, so using tools like Chromebook can help to facilitate that goal. Chromebooks allow for multiple channels of communication between students and teachers such as messaging, screen sharing, video chat, activity timelines, etc. Operating an effective online training program for cosmetology, massage and esthetics require powerful tools and Google Chromebooks offer the perfect solution.