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How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist in Austin, TX

People all over the world dream of becoming a professional makeup artist.  Although the beauty industry is competitive, there is room for those who are passionate about their job.  As such, people with qualifications and experience will have no difficulty finding work as a make-up artist.

How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist in Austin, TX

The first step to becoming a professional make-up artist in Austin, TX is getting training.  Applying make-up on a day to day basis is very different from applying make-up for events, film and television.  For this reason, training is essential.  Listed below are a few reasons why aspiring make-up artists should attend a beauty college such as Avenue Five.

  • Makeup artists are not permitted to work in Texas without a license.  A Beauty college will give students the training they need to pass their test.
  • Students will learn how to apply make-up for the camera.  This is especially important when it comes to weddings, television and film.
  • The school will also teach students how to apply special effects make-up.  This is an essential skill for the film and television industry.
  • As beauty school instructors are experienced make-up artists, students will make valuable contacts.  It is also worth noting that the students in class may work within the beauty industry one day.  Networking is important in this field as employers sometimes hire people they already know.
  • When students apply make-up in class, they can take photos for their portfolio.  Every make-up artist will be asked to produce their portfolio at job interviews.

How to Work as a Professional Make-up Artist in Austin, TX

Once students have graduated from beauty school they may start looking for make-up artist jobs.  Generally speaking, graduates have two options.  They can either work for a well-known make-up brand or they can freelance.

Working for a make-up brand usually means selling make-up at a department store counter.  This job is best suited to those who have excellent customer service skills.  While workers will apply make-up on a regular basis, their job will be sales orientated.  If sales are low, workers should be prepared to explain themselves to the brand representative.  Most graduates opt to freelance as it gives them more freedom.

Freelance make-up artists may make a healthy wage.  That being said, self-employment means that there will be times where work is scarce.  Freelancers should ensure that they have enough savings to help them through tough times. Make-up artistry is a wonderful career choice.  People in this job are constantly challenged creatively.  The end result is that make-up artists have a high degree of job satisfaction.  Texas residents who are interested in becoming professional make-up artist should enroll in a beauty school such as Avenue Five.

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  1. Hi. My name is Chelsey Everitt and I am 20 years old and I have been interested in working with make up for years. I believe it is my calling. I worked in Theater Art for 4 years and I did make up and theatrical horror make up and my teachers and peers were obsessed with my work. I then went on to do makeup for haunted houses for a couple of years and I amazed myself at how well and creamy it turned out. I would be extatcic if I was picked for theses courses as I am eager to learn. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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