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Look What's Trending in Hair Fashion in 2015

What’s Trending in Hair Fashion

You certainly don’t have to be a celebrity to be interested in the latest trends in hair fashion in 2015. Anyone who is interested in a change (and being fashionable) can experiment with new cuts or styles.  If you’re a hairstylist who wants to remain cutting edge, you’re encouraged to stay abreast of what’s popular (and not-so-popular, yet).

There are so many great hair trends that appear each year, and below we’ll explore some of the most popular so far in 2015.

Wild Colors

According to, now is the perfect opportunity to go wild with color. Do you think you have what it takes? Chances are, you do. You have the choice of opting for either temporary or permanent color, in shades including bright blue, orange, pink and green. If you prefer the tie-dyed look, consider using soft pastel chalk that simply rubs into your hair. This product is available in a variety of colors, which makes it easy to change your look whenever the mood strikes you.

Textured Bob

The textured bob is appropriate for all face shapes, and works best if you have wavy hair. It typically swings freely above the shoulders. To achieve the look, the stylist chops up and razors the ends, and uses mousse to improve the texture.

Boho Layers

Layers have always been extremely popular. The cut is suitable for all types of hair, except very fine. Regardless of the hair’s texture, all of the ends need to be snipped. This gives the cut a wispy appearance.

Heavy Bangs and Hair Fashion indicates that heavy bangs look best when they start at the outside corners of the eyes. The site goes on to say that the bangs compliment an all-over layer look. Lightened razor-cut ends completes this style.

Curl – Enhancing Cut

If you have curly hair, consider asking your stylist to sculpture it. It’s an excellent way to show off natural texture. When this style is sculptured at the shoulders, it actually streamlines the sides of the cut and eliminates a puffy look.

Long Pixie

While many women might avoid the long pixie because they equate short hair with less femininity, it’s really quite the opposite. It starts with longer hair, at the crown. The back and sides are cut in such a way to give the style a wispy appearance. For best results, never use a blow dryer on a long pixie.

Turn Your Passion for Hair Into a Career

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