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Milady MindTap: A Revolutionary Teaching Tool

Education has always been important, but in certain fields, it has been thought that you could only receive effective training in-person. Now that the pandemic has forced us to enter a more digital environment in almost every facet of our daily lives, the outlook on remote learning in fields like cosmetology, massage and esthetics have started to shift. Milady MindTap is a revolutionary digital teaching tool that allows students in beauty-related fields to obtain a thorough and dynamic education through online learning.

Distance learning has had a long history and during this time it has become a necessity. Students and educators have been utilizing Milady MindTap as an effective tool to deliver training that would typically be delivered in person. It is a versatile tool that allows educators to connect with their cosmetology, massage or esthetics students on a level that wouldn’t be possible on any other platform.

MindTap offers streamlined courses in a variety of different beauty related subjects. This platform allows educators to transform their students and engage them on a different level. It is highly customizable which allows teachers to focus on certain topics that may need more attention. Real-time course analytics and an accessible reader give instructors all the tools necessary to successfully teach their course. MindTap offers content and tools that have been specifically chosen for the curse as well as an improved workflow design that will save time and make planning and teaching lessons easier.

The learning path is an especially useful feature that helps to guide students through the curriculum. Standard content as well as pre-designed activities are available in the courses in order to engage students. It includes experiences that adhere to a multitude of different learning types including videos, quizzes, flashcards, digital portfolios, glossary, etc. The pre-designed course structure allows educators to devote more time and attention to teaching rather than grading.

Online learning has completely transformed since its inception and digital platforms have helped to facilitate student learning, retention, and education quality. Students who use online learning platforms are more likely to study and engage with their instructors as well as other students due to the accessibility of learning platforms on smart devices. This accessibility also means that students are much less likely to miss class.

Cosmetology, massage, and esthetics training has become much more accessible and effective with digital platforms like Milady MindTap. Educators as well as students greatly benefit from using platforms like this as it can significantly improve their knowledge and skill on the topics discussed. Implementing this teaching tool can help to truly transform your beauty program.

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