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6 Social Media Tips for Beauty Professionals

social media tips for beauty professionals

Beauty is a trending topic on social media and that means beauty professionals can readily gain new clients by staying active on social platforms.  Here are some of our favorite tips to excel on social media and get the most out of your posts and pics.

Best Social Media Tips for Beauty Professionals

1. Reach Out to Other Experts 

Support your fellow makeup artists, hair stylists, and so forth. Reach out to professionals who inspire you and have a lot of followers. Don’t hesitate to share their work with a shout out. Many times, they’ll reciprocate the favor which could help your work reach more people.

2. Use Hashtags and Geotags 

Hashtags and geotags help more people see your posts than just your followers. If someone is looking for a wedding hair stylist, they may search under the hashtag #weddingupdo. You might as well take advantage of this since you can add as many hashtags as you want to each photo.

Geotags are just as potent – tag wedding venues, geographical locations near you, and so forth. Use different geotags on your photos so that you cover more ground and get more views.

3. Take Before & After Pics 

Take before and after pictures of every client – even while you are still in beauty school! Always ask your clients first if you can share their photos, especially the before shots. Posting before and after pictures side-by-side helps people see your style and what you have to offer.

4. Post a Variety of Styles 

Funky, sophisticated, wedding-ready and costume – you can’t go wrong posting a variety of styles to your account. This shows off your range of talents and will help attract a diverse clientele.  

5. Tag Your Clients (& Follow Them Back!) 

Show your clients love on social media by tagging them in photos, following their accounts, and liking/commenting on their photos. Engaging with your clients will make them feel more connected to you, which in turn makes them more likely to recommend you and share your account with all of their followers. Plus, you will be more likely to show up in their followers’ feeds.

6. Share Tips & Tricks 

Share your favorite insider tips and tricks so that your account is helpful – this gives people more reason to follow you and share your account. Think: what tips would you want to know about if you weren’t in the beauty industry?

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t ghost your followers – post on a regular basis
  • Post a variety of content including videos, pictures, time lapses, and so forth
  • Post your website and contact details in your “about” section so potential clients can easily contact you
  • Use the same name across all platforms so it’s easier to find your account
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Study successful accounts that inspire you

We’re Here to Help!

When you join our family of beauty experts at Avenue Five Institute, we are here to help you build your future career in every way possible. We even offer one-on-one help with social media posting. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to build out a portfolio worth sharing with your followers.

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