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Stop Making these Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older!

A lot of women have fun using makeup but not all know how to use them properly. There are actually many common beauty blunders that women make which make them look older instead of enhancing their natural features. You don’t want to waste all those pricey cosmetics on swipes or applications that will actually make you age, so it pays to know what these common mistakes are.

Makeup Booboos that Make You Look Older

Again, remember that your goal in applying makeup is to hide imperfections, enhance your features and highlight what you already have. By correcting some of these ageing beauty blunders, you can be elegantly made up without looking a year older than your actual age:

  • Skipping foundation.

As women age, they think that the best way to hide imperfections is to cake on makeup – thus the thicker application of foundation. But this is a big no-no as far as makeup application is concerned. The more foundation you cake onto your face, the more pronounced those fine and not-so-fine lines would be. The solution is to wear a powder foundation which is suitable for your skin type. Powder foundation works best for those with oily skin, while dry skin can be treated with liquid foundation or a tainted moisturizer.

  • Using a shade of blush that does not complement your skin tone.

Incorrect application and using a shade of blush that does not complement your skin tone is definitely an ageing makeup mistake. Instead of the traditional way of applying blush on the apple of your cheeks, stroke the brush sparingly along your cheekbone. Use the center of your eye as a starting point, then do an upward sweep of the brush. Sheer is an excellent color choice, and make sure that it matches your lip color.

  • Overdoing the lip liner.

Another makeup mistake that adds years to your age is overdoing the lip liner. If you must use a liner on your lips, make sure that its color is a perfect match with your lipstick. A creamy lip pencil works best, and try out different shades to gauge which one looks best on you.

  • Too much concealer.

If you are also caking on the concealer to hide the crow’s feet and fine lines around your eyes, that is another beauty blunder that you should stop making now. What you can do instead is use a product to moisturize the skin around the eyes. You can use concealer minimally, just apply it on the inner eye corners where the skin is naturally darker.

  • Not knowing how to use eyeliner.

Lining just the lower lid with dark pencil is definitely an ageing makeup trick. The solution is to use a soft pencil on both the upper and lower lids to open up your eyes more.

  • Using ‘young’, bright colors for your eyeshadow.

A sixteen-year-old trying on makeup for the first time can probably get away with bright pastel colors for eyeshadow but trying them in your thirties or forties will make it look like you’re trying too hard to be younger. Go for more understated hues like dark purple, brown or navy blue.

  • Not paying enough attention to your eyebrows.

Finally, having sparse brows is an obvious sign of ageing because it’s a symptom of thinning hair. The best solution for this is to pencil it in, using a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural hair color. A brow brush can be used to blend and soften the color.

Follow these tips and you will never look a day older than your actual age ever again.


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