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More than Just Pampering: The Not-Commonly-Known Benefits of Facial Treatments

The next time that you think about booking a facial treatment for yourself, keep in mind that it does more than just give you some pampering or me-time. For many decades now, women from all parts of the world have been enjoying the multitude of benefits of facial treatments. The one misconception that they have,

A Timeless Obsession with Beauty: How Skin Care Products Evolved Over the Years

Cleopatra was known to announce her arrival with the scent of essential oils wafting in the air. She’s also famous for bathing in milk with rose petals, and using other natural ingredients like almond oils and honey to maintain her infamous beauty. This may be considered as ultra-luxurious beauty rituals during the ancient years, but

Can You be an Esthetician With a Cosmetology License

Working as an esthetician with a cosmetology license can be quite fulfilling as well as lucrative. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best-paid estheticians can take home as much as $51,900 every year. In addition, a report published by USNews states that most cosmetologists working in the entertainment industry receive a generous

Esthetics Instructor Training: Shaping the Career of Future Estheticians

There is a big difference between being an esthetician and being an esthetics instructor. In the former, students graduate from an institute with certification and work as skin specialists for various companies. To become an instructor, you have to first have become a qualified esthetician and then apply for instructor training. Many schools offer competent

How to Choose the Best Skin Care Training Program

Estheticians are skin care specialists who work in salons, spas, department stores, clinics and even medical settings. This in-demand job offers flexibility and good pay. However, it also requires the right training in order to be successful. The three keys to choosing the best skin care training program to meet your needs are to make

Is Advanced Esthetician Training for You?

An advanced esthetician training can open many doors of opportunities for aspiring estheticians. In this profession, training is critical for keeping one updated about the latest trends, styles and products, and ensuring that one has the necessary skills to remain competitive in the industry. With the right training, a knowledgeable esthetician can build a solid