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How to Become an Esthetician in 5 Months

Esthetics school enrollments are on the rise thanks to the rosy outlook of the beauty industry. The US Department of Labor sees the demand for skin care specialists growing at a tremendous rate in the next decade and beyond. This translates to thousands of new jobs every year. Graduates can look forward to an exciting

Esthetician Training in Austin: What Students Can Expect to Learn

Esthetician training in Austin prepares aspiring professionals to succeed in the world of beauty. These courses provide education in the areas that are required to gain expertise and operate within the bounds of state rules. This practical breadth of training creates a strong foundation for a successful career. Skin Physiology and Analysis Skin care education

Is Advanced Esthetician Training for You?

An advanced esthetician training can open many doors of opportunities for aspiring estheticians. In this profession, training is critical for keeping one updated about the latest trends, styles and products, and ensuring that one has the necessary skills to remain competitive in the industry. With the right training, a knowledgeable esthetician can build a solid