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Jump Start a Career in the Massage Therapy Industry

If you’re a people person, you like working in different environments and you like the close contact that the job requires, you are well-suited to have a career in the massage therapy industry. Unlike several decades ago when there was a negative connotation with being a masseur or a masseuse, it is a perfectly legitimate

Learn about the Different Massage Oils You Can Use for Massaging Clients

If you’re going through massage therapy training or are enrolled in any of the massage therapy schools, there are many things related to your would-be line of work that you need to learn about. Aside from the massage therapy techniques, you will also learn how to deal with clients on a professional manner. The history

How Should Massage Therapists Take Care of Themselves?

How do doctors heal themselves? Who do psychologists turn to when trying to sort out their own problems? What about massage therapists? Who will work out the kinks in their muscles if they’re in need of a good rubdown? Here, we will focus our attention on how massage therapists can take care of themselves. These

The Human Touch: Its Benefits, Origin and Why We Have a Basic Need to be Touched

When you’re getting a massage, why do you think the ministrations of the therapist feels so good? Even if the massage is not from a professional therapist but someone with whom you are close to, every touch and skin-to-skin contact feels soothing and relaxing. Do humans have a basic need to be touched and what

What Students Need to Know about Massage Therapy Schools

If you’re a high school graduate who would like to get some quick training in order to immediately qualify for a job, you might think about enrolling in a massage therapy school. Adults who are looking for a change in career, whether they have a medicinal background or not, might also consider enrolling in a

What are the Five Most Popular Massage Therapy Techniques?

Massage therapists work in hotels, day spas, resorts, clinics, hospitals and a host of other venues. These professionals usually complete a twelve-month study and training program to prepare them for the job. What massage therapists do as professionals benefit a number of people including those who would like to relieve stress from their muscles after

Getting a Massage? Know What to Do Before, During & After the Appointment

At the end of a long, tiring day at work, nothing beats the feeling of being under the ministrations of a massage therapist. As the masseur’s or masseuse’s expert hands soothe away the aches and pains in your muscles, you will be utterly relaxed. There are some who regularly book massage appointments as a way