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These People Got $10,000 to attend Beauty School – Can You?

Beauty School

Every year, the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation and Hairdressers at Heart award the Vidal Sassoon Professional Beauty Education Scholarship Program for Basic and Advanced cosmetology school programs.

The ten winners of the Basic Scholarship each receive 50 percent of their cosmetology school tuition (up to $10,000 per winner) to a school that is a member of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools.

The ten winners of the Advanced Scholarship each receive a five-day course at any Sassoon Academy in North America, with travel and course fees up to $5,000 included. The program was created to honour and celebrate the life of entrepreneur and beauty visionary Vidal Sassoon, whose passion for education was well known.

Since in the introduction of the competition in 2013 after his passing in 2012, the program has awarded 100 scholarships and fulfilled half of their $1.5 million scholarship commitment through 2017.

Each Basic applicant must make a short video wherein they showcase their beauty skills while describing why they want to work in beauty, and how they plan to positively impact the world with their wellness education.

Each Advanced applicant was required to take a photo-shoot of a completely unique and original look they created, showcasing their talent for remarkable hairstyling. In order to be an advanced applicant, you must already be a licensed beauty professional working in the industry.

The team judging each submission is made up of the hairstyling industry elite, who are looking for applications that reflect the student’s desire to change lives as a wellness and beauty professional, and their dedication to beauty industry.

Applicants are also considered for publication in Wella’s first ever Hairdressers at Heart Lookbook – a new collection of hair designs showcasing new and established stylist talent.

Hairdressers at Heart was established to provide opportunities that support the lives and livelihoods of stylists across the world.

The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation was established by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools to encourage rich and rewarding careers in beauty and wellness. Over the years they have raised over $3 million in both cash and in-kind donations, and regularly shine a spotlight on various charitable programs within the wellness and beauty industry.

If you’re interested in submitting for the next batch of awards, consider taking a peek at – where you can see previous winners’ submissions.

Have More Questions About Beauty School Scholarships?

We know that money can be tight. But with the help of financial aid, school can be affordable for just about anyone!  Financial Aid is available to those who qualify and there are many affordable ways to finance your future.  With financial aid, many of our students have their tuition completely covered through federal loans and grants. We can provide payment plans for those who do not wish to apply for financial aid, or are not eligible.  Our financial aid staff is here to assist you through this entire process.

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