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Top 7 Hairstyles for Spring 2014

No fashion season is ever complete without gorging on gorgeous hairstyles. During the runways shows held for Spring 2014, which hairstyles reigned as queens? Read on to find out.

Top 7 Hairstyles for Spring 2014

There are a few dominant themes when you go through the hairstyles of models strutting their stuff on the runway for the spring 2014 collections of designers. Some are subtle and laid-back; others have a retro feel to it; while other hairstyles are as loud as it can get. If you are tired of simply wearing your hair down and you’d like to borrow runway-ready looks, here are a few trendy hairstyles that you can choose from:

  1. Classic Braids

For the previous fashion season, fishtail braids have become the hottest look for women, both on and off the runway. Such braids are quite tedious to do especially on one’s self, but they do have an elegant, classy look that will match any outfit that you might have on. What about for spring 2014? The trend in braided hairstyle leans more towards achieving that Old World look. Designer Alberta Ferretti had models whose braids had thick skeins, with tendrils hanging loose around the face. The messier the braid, the better. They’re also leaning towards the deliberately undone look which is reminiscent of the Renaissance era.

  1. Choppy Pageboy Wigs

This may be a look that not a lot of women can pull off, but its’ super fun! Fendi, Marc Jacobs and other major designers relied on choppy pageboy wigs to create that distinctive, free-spirited look for their models. The wigs are bowl-shaped and asymmetrically cut, as if the wearer cut her own hair.

  1. Floral Accessories

Even if you’re not attending an international music festival, you should definitely still consider wearing floral accessories on your hair. Zac Posen, Ann Sui, Dolce & Gabbana and other designers relied on the classic, romantic look lent by flowers decorating one’s hair. The styles ranged from full-on floral crowns to a smattering of tiny blooms on different parts of the head.

  1. Gold Details on Hairstyles

If you’re not the floral type, opt for hair accessories with gold details. Barrettes, headbands and gold leaves went into the hairstyles of runway models. It’s a look that you can borrow when going on a day out with friends. When matched with muted day makeup, your gold hair accessories will stand out.

  1. Hairstyle with Mixed Textures

Most of the runway shows this year had hair stylists using a mixture of different textures on the hair. Clean is mixed with messy, while natural grunge looks are made unique with modern elements. Examples of this hairstyle are sweptback locks without a partition, while others have a sleek, parted-in-the-middle hairstyle that is super-clean.

  1. Ornate Ponytails

Mohawk riffs, tweed undersides, three-section rolls – these are examples of the ornate ponytail hairstyles which dominated the runway this season.

  1. Windswept Updos

Finally, whether you’re going for a casual or a more formal look, make sure to try wearing a windswept updo which is all the rage for Spring 2014’s fashion season. The updos are a bit dishevelled with loose tangles around the face – and French twists are loosened up.

Which among these Spring 2014 hairstyles are your favorite?

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