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What is a Dual License Shop?

A dual license shop specializes in and holds a license in two areas, such as barbering and cosmetology. This grants the salon the ability to offer services that fall under multiple categories, opening up the doors to a greater range of clients.

A dual license shop may employ both cosmetologists and barbers, or it may hire individuals who have obtained two or more licenses. Individuals may choose to get a license in both barbering and cosmetology, along with other combinations, in order to take their skills to the next level.

In order to qualify as a dual license shop, you must hold two or more licenses and send in the proper application through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, or the appropriate authorities in your state.

Do You Need a Cosmetology License to Open a Salon?

dual license shop - woman cuts hair as part of cosmetology training

Yes! If you want to open a salon you must have a current cosmetology license. To earn a cosmetology license, you must complete a set number of hours in school, as well as work in the field and pass an examination. From there, you can open a salon. If you need to hire help, you’ll need to hire licensed cosmetologists.

Dual License Shop – What Are the Benefits?

You don’t need a dual license to open a shop, but it will help build out your clientele by expanding your capabilities. In addition, it will allow you to apply to open a dual license shop. 

A licensed cosmetology shop has a lot to offer – facials, makeup, haircare, skincare, false eyelashes, and microdermabrasion services.

Yet, cosmetologists cannot use a straight razor to shave customers. They are restricted to trimming beards and mustaches with scissors. This can create some hurdles when working with male clients and may prevent some customers from seeking out your services.dual license shop - man uses straight edge to cut hair as part of barber school training

There are a variety of other skill sets that are taught exclusively in barber school, such as fading. A dual license shop has the ability to offer all of the perks of a cosmetologist, paired with all of the skills of a barber.

Do You Have to Get Both Licenses at the Same Time?

No, you could get one license first and then follow up with the second license thereafter, or even a few years down the road. Oftentimes, students don’t realize the benefits of obtaining both licenses until they start working in the field or are presented with a scenario in which having both licenses would be beneficial.

Pursue Your Passions at Avenue Five

dual license shop - get multiple licenses by attending Avenue Five Institute in Austin Texas

At Avenue Five Institute, we offer cosmetology and barber school programs. You can take them one at a time or at the same time, whatever works with your schedule and goals. Plus, we offer part time courses and flexible night classes to help accommodate busy schedules.

Come see if our hands-on approach to cosmetology and barbering is right for you!

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Looking to specialize in other areas? We also offer programs in makeup, esthetics, and massage therapy