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Where will the Cosmetology Jobs be in 2016?

Cosmetologist analyzes a client's skin at the beauty school.

As a cosmetologist, it’s your job to help people make the most out of the looks they were given through a variety of different treatments and methods. Some of your clients need help with their makeup, soliciting your services to analyze their skin while suggesting the most appropriate makeup solutions.

For other clients you provide facial treatments that give people a new glow. In terms of hair, you may be called upon to help people by providing a scalp treatment or dealing with hairpieces and wigs that give your clients a certain look that they would otherwise be unable to achieve. The popularity of these services suggest that employment prospects are above average for those in this occupation.

Labor Statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2012 and 2022, the field of cosmetology will see a 13 percent rise in demand, which is greater than the 11 percent average for all occupational fields as a whole. As a result, the need for cosmetologists will continue to increase in 2016. In 2022, it’s expected that an additional 77,600 cosmetologists will be hired around the United States.

The vast majority of cosmetologists are employed in personal care services, including almost half of the entire industry. Health and personal care stores, nursing care facilities, traveler accommodations and motion picture and video industries round out the top five industries for cosmetologists.

Employment According to States

The state of California has the greatest number of cosmetologists working within its borders, employing 24,510 people. Pennsylvania is next with 24,340 cosmetologists, New York with 24,030 employed in the industry, Florida with 22,420 and Texas with 21,310.

In terms of the greatest concentration working within a state, Pennsylvania offers the most competition, followed by Delaware, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Considering the number of cosmetologists already employed in Pennsylvania and the concentration of cosmetology workers in that state, it may be a bit more difficult to get a job in Pennsylvania as a cosmetologist compared to other locales.

While plenty of cosmetology jobs will be available in the near future, the competition for the best jobs will be fierce. High-end salons with affluent customers are few and far between, resulting in a large group of cosmetologists competing for the highest paying jobs.

If you can manage to make it there, the highest paying state for cosmetologists is Hawaii at and average of $39,130 per year, followed by the District of Columbia, Delaware, Virginia and Washington to round out the top five.

Want to Become a Cosmetologist?

During these tough economic times, having a recession proof career is extremely important. A career in beauty is the perfect example of a recession proof career. If you would like to become a cosmetologist, now is the perfect time to enroll in a cosmetology school.

When it comes to beauty training, your best option is Avenue Five Institute. Our beauty courses have been strategically designed based on the proven working knowledge of master educators and beauty industry professionals, so you will be connected to the most current techniques, products and trends.

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