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Why Estheticians are in Demand RIGHT Now

A client shaking the hand of their esthetician , thanking them for wonderful service.

There’s no denying that beauty has become one of today’s top industries. During the 1980s there was major resistance from doctors, who, like much of the public were misinformed about the benefits of esthetics.  Today however, we are seeing big changes as medical spas are one of the most profitable locations for estheticians.

It’s the “In” Thing to Do

Celebrities, business persons, and teens alike are all flocking to their nearest salon to receive the latest grooming techniques.  Almost everyone is now supporting the booming beauty industry, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.  Estheticians are seeing what might possibly be the highest growth of any beauty profession.  As the position is relatively new, professionals have had to engage and inform the public about what esthetics is, and people are responding as the desire for younger looking skin becomes more common.

It’s Not Just About Beauty

Doctors and other medical clinicians are beginning to see the various medical benefits that come with facials and other esthetic services.  An esthetician that is well trained and keeps up to date on his or her skills is able to identify bodily issues and often pinpoint the root cause of it as well based on clues given on the dermis of their client.  By having regular treatments with an esthetician, clients are able to be screened by a professional, and can prevent the spread of diseases like melanomas, eczema, or cystic acne just to name a few.

There Are Also Mental Benefits

In addition to screening for diseases and other issues in the body, regular treatments from an esthetician provide several mental benefits.  By ridding the face of unsightly growths or blemishes, the client regains a whole new confidence, which allows them to perform better in society.  It has been reported by acne prone persons that when break outs were at their worst, they tended to experience depression, anxiety, and in extreme cases suicidal thoughts due to severe bullying.  By treating issues such as these clients in essence become a new person, and with that may positively contribute to society.

So, Ready to Become a Kick a** Esthetician?

These are just a few reasons why estheticians are in demand. The best thing about it is that you’ll get to be your own boss, make as much money as you’re willing to work for, and work when you want to. However, before you reap all these benefits, you must enroll in a beauty school and take the esthetician course. At Avenue Five, we offer many advanced techniques including hands-on experience with microdermabrasion, microcurrent, chemical peels, LED light therapy, alternative facial treatments, ingredient analysis, and custom masques.

Contact us today to Schedule a tour of our campus to really get a sense of the experience that awaits you.

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