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10 Ways to Save Money by Going to a Beauty School Salon

Many women are unaware that they can start saving money by using beauty school salon services.  Most beauty school salons offer cuts, styles and beauty treatments for a fraction of the price of regular salons.

Why is Using Beauty School Salon Services So Cheap?

When a person enrolls in a beauty school, he or she will learn the basics of hairstyling and/or beauty treatments.  However, students will need to practice on real life models to get the most out of their course.  This is where cut-price beauty salons treatments come in.

The average student will have a difficult time finding models to work on.  The reason behind this is that people are reluctant to let newbie beauticians test their skills on their hair and skin.  Cosmetology schools try to encourage clients to visit their salon by advertising rock bottom prices.

Save Money by Using Beauty School Salon Services

Listed below are several ways that consumers can save money by selecting cosmetology school treatments over going to a regular salon.

Get a Haircut

While haircuts are well-priced, they do take a long time to complete.  Most schools will ensure that there is a supervisor present when their students are cutting hair.

Get Hair Colored or Highlighted

As getting hair colored can cost over $100 in some states, student salons are a bargain.  Generally speaking, the school will not charge much more than the cost of the product.

Get Hair Styled for a Special Occasion

Students can style hair for special occasions such as weddings and proms.  If consumers book in advance and are patient, they will get their hair styled for a very low cost.


When consumers are getting a facial for a special event, they should get it a week in advance.  This will prevent them from having acne on the day of the event.


Beauticians are trained to give facial, neck and scalp massages.  These treatments are an easy way to relax without having to pay for a full body massage.

Those who are wary about letting students perform treatments on them should be aware that experienced beauticians will be supervising the students.  As a result, problems rarely occur in student salons. Getting an appointment at a student salon is relatively easy.  All one needs to do is contact a beauty school such as Avenue Five and make an appointment.  Consumers with an interest in beauty and hair may want to think about enrolling in beauty school.

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