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4 Makeup Trends Your Clients Will Be Asking For This Fall

fall makeup trendsFall makeup trends are constantly changing. This year fall makeup trends are all about being fun and fearless, with bold colors and perfect skin. We’ve collected four major fall makeup trends for 2014, and are giving you the industry tips on how to achieve these looks.

Metallic Touches

Fall trends for 2014 are moving into metallic territory. Shimmer shadows and metallic coloring are big makeup trends for the fall. To get in on this fun and fearless trend, follow these steps.

  • Using an angled brush add your metallic shadow to the entire eyelid, carefully avoiding the crease and brow bone.
  • The shadow should stop at the corner of the eye by the tear duct, and extend slightly pass the outer edge of the eye
  • Take a light shimmer shadow in white or cream and add it directly to the center of the eyelid to break up the harshness of the metallic look.
  • Blend the white or cream shadow into the metallic color you are using.
  • Add a touch of the white to the tear duct to make the eye pop, and add mascara

Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is a big fall makeup trend, and for good reason. Dewey skin looks barely sun-kissed, flawless and healthy. Thankfully, dewy skin can be achieved with relative ease. To get the look, start with hydrating the skin with a mist or moisturizer. To achieve this look;

  • First cover any imperfections with concealer and blend them out with a blending brush or sponge
  • Mix foundation with mineral water to create a dewy, translucent finish
  • Apply foundation with a your hand and blend with a blending sponge
  • Add a translucent illuminating gel to the check bones, temples and cupids bow.

Full Brows

The early 2000s where all about pencil thin eyebrows, but fall 2014 is all about a full brow. Full brows aren’t unkempt, though. In fact, the brows must look flawless to pull off this look. Once the brows have been properly styled, it’s time to start with the makeup to fill them out.

  • First, ensure that the brows are clean and sculpted by using a brow gel to set them in the proper shape.
  • Using a crème brow color, color in the brow area that needs filling with a brow brush. Take your time and carefully trace the line you created, filling in where the brow is sparse
  • Using an angled brush, go back in and blend the brow crème into the existing brow to create a natural, full brow look.

Fearless Berry Lips

Lip color for the fall is all about being bold and fearless. Berry lips, in particular are in, as are full lips. To get the perfect berry lips, follow these simple instructions.

  • Start by exfoliating the lips to create a smooth surface
  • Line the lips with a nude lip liner to keep the color in place
  • Add lipstick to the lip
  • To finish, cover with a clear gloss in the center of the lip to add dimension.


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