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5 Personality Traits of Hair Stylists That’ll Make You Say, “Yep, That’s Me!”

What are the most common personality traits of hair stylists? 

Future hair stylists at our cosmetology school in Austin see firsthand how hairdressers play a vital role in their clients’ lives—providing everything from great hair styles to personal advice. As a result, hairstylists tend to develop the following personality traits.

1. Great at Listening & Giving Advice

“Hairstylists know way too much for their own good.. [they] spend hours listening to clients and providing advice about a wide range of emotional problems.” Psychology Today

Hairstylists quickly realize they are a full-time artist and a part-time therapist. The moment you sit clients down in your chair and start touching their hair, it seems everything spills out—from family stories to personal struggles. Not only do hair stylists become great listeners but they get darn good at giving advice too.

2. Social

Spending each day working with different clients alongside other stylists leads to a lot of socializing. You know the saying, “whistle while you work?” Well, for hairstylists the saying is, “socialize while you work.” Some artists prefer to work alone all day but hair stylists don’t have that option, hence why most hair stylists tend to be more extroverted than introverted.


3. Detail Orientated

Hair stylists have a sharp eye for detail; that’s how they determine how many layers to cut, how to weave the perfect braid or develop just the right shade of blonde. Hairdressers see details in hair, and other art forms, that everyday people don’t.


4. Intuitive

It’s great when clients bring in photos depicting exactly what they want their hair to look like, but not every client is so sure about what they want. A lot of clients want help from you, their hairdresser, to decide the best look. As a result, hairdressers develop strong intuition that allows them to pick hairstyles best suited to each client that sits in their chair.


5. Energetic

Maybe we’re biased because we’ve met so many fun and energetic hair stylists and students through our cosmetology school in Austin, but we are willing to bet many stylists across the world could be described as ‘full of fun energy.’ After all, hair stylists need high energy to stay on their feet all day while working with a wide variety of clients. Most hairstylists agree, they’d rather work in a high-energy environment as opposed to working behind a desk all day.


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Avenue Five students during a hair cutting class with Cole Thompson.