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6 Incredible Reasons to Become a Skin Care Specialist

skin care specialistSkin care specialist training can open many doors of opportunity for people who want a career in the beauty and personal care industry. Clients rely on skin care specialists to help them find solutions and treatments for skin issues and problems. It is an exciting option for people who want a high-demand career in a very popular industry. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider becoming a skin care specialist or esthetician:

The Job

Professionals who specialize in skin care perform a number of tasks. The job allows specialists to interact with different types of people from different backgrounds and to play an important role in helping them maintain the health of their skin. Many specialists say that the job they do also make them feel satisfied that they are instrumental in helping their clients feel more confident about how they look.

The Work Environment

A skin care prepares an individual for work in beauty spas, health spas and salons. A few may even find employment in resorts and medical offices and clinics. Most specialists work full time, their schedule dictated by the hours kept by the spa or salon. However, many estheticians may also work during evenings. It is also not uncommon for them to work during weekends. Although many are employed, there are also some who prefer to start their own businesses so they work on their own time.

The Clients

The skin care industry allows professionals to meet and interact with different people, both young and old. They get to improve and practice customer service and communication skills, and develop professional relationships that could prove fruitful in the future. Since each individual client has different needs and skin care requirements, specialists can also enhance their skills through hands-on experience. Interacting with different clients also offers plenty of room for networking.

The Challenge

The main challenge in skin care is how to provide the right treatment and products to help the client achieve a certain goal, whether it is to improve skin tone, fight the signs of aging or find a solution for a skin problem. Often, specialists do more than just cleanse the skin and enhance a person’s appearance. They also have to come up with creative yet science-based methods and techniques to meet their client’s unique needs and requirements. For many specialists, this part of their job is an invaluable learning experience that makes their career one of the most exciting options in the beauty industry.

The Pay

Depending on the location, expertise and type of service the specialist offers, he or she can earn a comfortable income that may also include tips and commissions on products. Highly skilled estheticians can also expect very good pay from high-end salons and spas. Business owners and self-employed individuals can expect even better pay in some cases, especially if they can offer skin treatments that use specialty machines such as DermaPod, Thermage or LipoMax. Some extra training may be required for this skill but it is often worth it. It not only increases the esthetician’s list of skills, it also helps make them much more competitive in the industry.

The Opportunities

Working in the personal care and beauty field has many perks and opportunities for those who enjoy the work and want to grow and expand their skills and knowledge. Often, estheticians are the first to know about the newest products, equipment, tools and techniques that treat skin conditions. They also find the discovery of new trends in skin care highly stimulating. They are generally at the forefront of new discoveries in the care, treatment and maintenance of the skin. With experience, specialists can even steer the course of the beauty industry by promoting, using and recommending the types of products and technologies that should be used on their clients.


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