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9 Marketing Tips for Hairdressers & Cosmetology Students

Want to grow your business as a cosmetology student? These marketing tips for hairdressers are here to help you slay the competition!

Are you a cosmetology student in Austin? If yes, it’s never too early to start building your clientele with the following marketing tips for hairdressers.

1. Create new business profiles/pages on social media.

Instead of posting on your regular social media account(s), make secondary professional profiles made especially for your business as a hairstylist.

2. Post before and after pictures of hairstyles.

Take before and after pictures of clients, friends and family members whenever you color, cut or style their hair. This is the best way to showcase your flair and attract clients who like your work. Keep your social media profile public and tag anyone in your posts so your pictures show up on their account and get viewed by more people.

3. Claim your business on Yelp—it’s free!

Claim your business on Yelp, add a couple photos as well as your contact information, website link, etc. Check back regularly and take the time to respond to feedback, both positive and negative. Let your happy clients know where to leave a review and before you know it people will peruse you simply because you have so many great reviews. Visit this link to claim your business.

 4. Follow the leading hair pros on social media.

Unsure what to post or how to gain more followers? Look to hairdressing legends with hundreds of thousands of followers for inspiration. Some great hairdressers to follow include:

Jen Atmarketing tips hair stylists cosmetology studentskin—celebrity hairstylist with the Kardashian fam in her Rolodex of clients, as well as Kaley Cuoco, Bella Hadid and Chrissy Teigen.

Ted Gibson—known for styling Angelina Jolie and other famous locks.

Aura Friedman—yep, that’s Lady Gaga’s hairstylist!

Mark Townsend—the man behind many of our favorite red carpet looks.

5. Post special deals and coupons for your followers.

Offer special deals and coupon codes to your loyal followers to encourage people to give your talents a try.

6. If you’re a cosmetology student at Avenue Five Institute, get free help from our in-house marketing manager.

At Avenue Five Institute cosmetology school in Austin, we have an in-house photographer and marketing manager on site to help students perfect their marketing game. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to make the most of your time as a cosmetology student.

7. Make a website that highlights your services and expertise.

Your social media bios should include a link to a working website that showcases your talents, specials, and services, as well as professional ‘about’ page that details your experiences and qualifications. Your contact information and different ways to contact you. Important – make sure you add calls for action inviting people to BOOK an appointment with you.

8. Use your website to start an SEO-friendly blog.

Add a blog to your website so you can start ranking for local keywords—like “Austin wedding hair,” or “hairdresser in Austin.” SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial to marketing and will help your website rank on relevant search engines. As a result, potential clients will find you instead of your competitors when searching for related services. A blog can also help you connect with readers and other hair stylists on a more personal level, especially if you offer heartfelt advice along with inspirational information and photos.

9. Collaborate with established hair stylists.

Connect with established hairdressers to gain exposure and valuable experience. If you know someone who styles hair for wedding parties or owns their own salon, ask if you can be their assistant one weekend. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and hand out your business card.

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