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What Every MUAH Needs to Know About Photo-shoot Etiquette

photoshoot etiquette for MUAHThe first few times on a photo-shoot can be overwhelming. Whether you are working as a lead artist or assistant, there are jargons, lots of equipment and people that you have to familiarize yourself with.

The best way to prepare for a photo shoot is by familiarizing yourself with the etiquettes. These etiquettes are unwritten code of conduct (do’s and don’ts) for being on photo shoot location or studio.

What to Do

Do your research: This refers to many things such as knowing where you are going, knowing what time you need to arrive and finding the right place to be. Early preparation prevents confusion and helps you to get organized.

Familiarize yourself with the location: Know where various things are placed such as coffee, towels and other utilities. This will make things much easier for you.

Be early: Make sure you arrive at the location 15-20 minutes earlier, give yourself enough time to park, move your makeup kit and to find the right place. Being late could annoy the team or make you miss out on future opportunities.

Introduce yourself: Introducing yourself helps to break ice and could help create a positive impression.

Set up: If you have been allocated a place, make sure you are organized and your belongings are out of the way. Do not block routes, doors or cupboards.

Turn off your phone: Put your phone away: it is not professional to be checking your phone. Do not take it to the photo shoot unless the artist has asked you to have it.

Do your work: Some lead artist will let you know what they want while others will expect that you already know what needs to get done.

What Not to Do

Do not violate other artist’s space. Do not interfere with people’s work, for example, looking through the photographer’s lens, fixing clothes not unless you have been asked to do so. If you notice that something is not right, politely mention it to other artist.

Do not give your opinion: Every artist is different and they tend to do things differently from you. Do not give your opinion about how other artists should create a certain look, unless they ask you for it.

Do not argue with anyone: Arguing with people will cause tension in the photo shoot session and make everyone uncomfortable.

Do not pretend to know everything: There is always room for growth no matter how good you are o how long you have been in the business.

Knowing these photo shoot etiquette tips could help avert embarrassing situation. It creates a lasting positive impression and helps you get referrals. If you are an aspiring makeup and hair artist, you can learn more by clicking here.

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