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How to Become a Makeup Artist in Texas

A makeup artist applying makeup to a client in Texas.

Makeup artists focus their talents on applying makeup and other types of skin treatment for their clients. Most makeup artists work on professional productions, such as a photo shoot for a magazine, television shows, movies, theatrical productions or fashion shows on the runway.

Although there are no formal requirements or licenses required in the state of Texas, the vast majority of makeup artists take courses and earn certificates and licenses in order to put themselves ahead of their peers.

Education Requirements to Become a Makeup Artist

The majority of makeup artists complete a high school degree before earning a certificate relevant to the field in a post-secondary school. Courses for makeup artists consist of skill development using brushes, pens and other important products. Students learn how to analyze the individual makeup needs of the people they work with, taking into consideration skin types, facial construction and the intended effect of the makeup.

Curriculum also provides training for specific types of makeup for different situations. You learn special event makeup like bridal makeup. Studio makeup courses teach you the basics of applying makeup in a studio setting while “high fashion” makeup training teaches the trends and techniques that are currently in vogue.

Makeup work and educational facilities is not regulated in Texas in the same way that they are in other states around the U.S. As a result, it’s important to check out the credentials of any school that educates you. Well-known authorities on makeup, such as Hollywood’s Make-up Designory, offer a standardized set of courses and materials that schools utilize to ensure their students get the latest and most relevant training for this competitive field.

Employment Opportunities for Makeup Artists

Texas has the third highest level of employment for makeup artists, behind only California and New York, both of which have big entertainment industries. The market for makeup artists is projected to grow very slowly over the next decade or so, increasing the amount of competition for jobs within this glamorous industry, making education and training a significant part of finding a good job within this field.

Are You Interested in a Career as Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists are at the front lines of the beauty, television, film, and fashion industries. As such, its one of the most coveted careers in the beauty industry. We offer makeup classes to our students. If you would like more information about our makeup classes, please complete the form on the right, or give us a call at 512.968.2835!

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