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You CAN Open Your Own Spa! Here’s How

You’ve been giving your friends makeovers since you were three.  You always knew the best products for your friends and how to turn someone’s terrible and stressful day into peaceful day.  Now you’re all grown up and you’re still the go-to for all things peaceful and rejuvenating.  It’s time to make your entrepreneurial debut and

The Human Touch: Its Benefits, Origin and Why We Have a Basic Need to be Touched

When you’re getting a massage, why do you think the ministrations of the therapist feels so good? Even if the massage is not from a professional therapist but someone with whom you are close to, every touch and skin-to-skin contact feels soothing and relaxing. Do humans have a basic need to be touched and what

What are the Five Most Popular Massage Therapy Techniques?

Massage therapists work in hotels, day spas, resorts, clinics, hospitals and a host of other venues. These professionals usually complete a twelve-month study and training program to prepare them for the job. What massage therapists do as professionals benefit a number of people including those who would like to relieve stress from their muscles after

Massage: Centuries of Healing the Body and Spirit

From babies to adults, everyone benefits from the healing and relaxing powers of touch. Also known as massage, its simple definition is “the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain”. Some of the most common types of massage are: deep massage, Swedish massage,