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Top 5 Braided Hairstyles For Short Hair

Keeping short hair braided is an easy and effective way to create a neat clean look.  The right braided styles add versatility to a person’s cache of style options and they can even facilitate more rapid hair growth in some instances.  The following are the top 5 braided hairstyles for short hair along with a few tips for making them look phenomenal.

Loose, Curly Singles

How a person’s hair will look and feel in braids depends on his or her hair texture. The hair should be parted in small, uniform sections and then braided from root to tip.  Coarse hair should be treated with a rich, leave-in conditioner while finer hair should lightly smoothed with an airy mousse.  These treatments will help the braids to stay fresh-looking.  The braids can then be worn loose or pinned back according to personal preference.

Soft French Braids With Wispy Bangs

Hair is almost never too short for French braids, especially when using a bit of wispy bangs to frame the face.  The hair can be braided in or out, depending on the length of the hair and the goal of the individual.  Outward braids are round and prominent while hair that is braided inwards has a flatter, looser look.

Adorning The Crown With A Single Braid

Use a single, thick braid to travel around the crown of the head.  This can be done with or without bangs and by using an interior or exterior braiding style.  The remainder of the hair can be flat ironed and curled, with the crown braid acting as an all-natural headband.  People can also use this as an opportunity to fit the shorter, remaining hair into a pixie-like ponytail or they can opt to dress the ponytail up with a hairpiece or ponytail extender.

Cornrows Leading up to a Curly Faux-Hawk

Those who want a younger, edgier look can cornrow the hair in small sections, starting at the tips of the ears and braiding upwards to the top of the pate.  The hair should be parted vertically down the middle and then in small, horizontal sections.  Tiny elastic bands can be placed at the end of the braids near the top of the scalp or at the center part.  The hair that lies outside of the braids can be styled into a faux-hawk or arranged in loose, curls or curly twists.

A Single, Side French Braid

Rather than sporting two separate French braids, people can smooth all of their hair to one side of the face.  This can then be braided inwards, or outwards, traveling towards the base of the neck.  This style can be completed with soft tendrils about the face, straight, angular bangs or loose curls at the nape of the neck. Braiding your own hair is no easy task, therefore, it would be best to leave it to professionals. Beauty school salons offer affordable salon services.

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