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What are the Most Surprising Benefits of Getting a Massage?

If you’re not a fan of getting regular massages just yet, you are definitely missing out on a lot. How many times have you heard your co-workers ramble on about how utterly relaxing massages are? Or maybe you’ve seen videos of how to give relaxing massages to your partner? Day spas, beauty salons and even health clinics usually offer massage services – ranging from a sit-down shoulder, neck or head massage to a full-fledged one hour whole body massage. You can even take advantage of extras like aromatherapy, body scrub, hot stone, paraffin, arnica – the list is practically endless.

Surprising Benefits of Getting a Massage

More than just the relaxation and health benefits, there are plenty of other advantages that you will get to enjoy when indulging in regular massages. Take a look at our list of the most surprising benefits of getting a massage.

• It helps you put things in their proper perspective.
The minute that you walk into a massage area and you start taking your clothes off, there seems to be a load lifted off your shoulders as well. Let’s say that you booked a one-hour full body massage on a Friday night. Once you lie down on the massage table, hear the soothing music, absorb the dimness of the lights, and smell the relaxing scents, the tension just seems to be instantly removed from your shoulders. If you had a bad or busy week at work and there seems to be 1,001 things on your mind, you can lose yourself in the massage therapy and you’ll be surprised at how it can seem to put things back in their proper perspective. Massages offer you that excellent escape from even the most mundane concerns, and after just one hour, you can go back to face the world feeling utterly refreshed.

• It helps you sleep better.
If you’re dealing with insomnia or other sleep-related problems, you should definitely consider getting regular massages. It could have something to do with the manipulation of your muscles dissolving the tension from your body, so you will feel more relaxed. Massages also help decrease the cortisol level in the body, a hormone which is related to stress response. It even increases the happy hormones which are serotonin and dopamine, so you’ll end up feeling happier after the massage and you can sleep better at night, too.

• It provides greater energy.
You might expect to walk out of a massage therapy session feeling lethargic and the energy drained from your body. But for some, they end up feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenges of another day because the massage gave them a renewed energy boost.

• It helps boost your self-esteem.
A massage is a form of self-pampering which you should definitely treat yourself to every once in a while. By giving yourself the care that you deserve with everything that’s going on in your life and with how hard you work, your self-esteem will be given that extra boost with a simple massage.

• It increases intimacy between couples.
Finally, if you and your significant other need another excuse to heat things up in the bedroom, you should learn how to give each other massages. When you know how to give a good massage, your partner will feel pampered and it will give a new leash to your intimacy as a couple.

With all these surprising benefits and more, why would you even think of saying no to the prospect of getting regular massages?

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