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Which Celebrity Hairstyles are the Most Copied?

One of the most common scenarios in a beauty salon is a woman coming in with a picture of a Hollywood celebrity, asking the stylist to copy a hairstyle. Since the time of Princess Diana, women from all parts of the world have been taking their hairstyle cues from popular personalities, music artists and celebrities. When taking a hairstyle inspiration from the looks of other people, it is important to also ask your stylist whether a specific length, cut or style will suit you. For instance, Meg Ryan’s shaggy haircut may not necessarily work for women with prominent jawlines. A hairstyle that frames the face to soften your facial lines would be more suitable.

A Look at the Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles

If you’re itching to change your look or if you simply want to vary your go-to hairstyle, here are some of the celebrity haircuts and hairstyles that you can get inspiration from:

  • “The Rachel” Cut

In an April poll conducted by Goody, “The Rachel” cut emerged as the most popular celebrity hairstyle of all time. The shoulder-length cut with layers that frame the face was debuted by Jennifer Aniston in the hit series “Friends” during the 1990s. Since then, the Rachel hairstyle has been requested by 11 million women not just in the US but in other parts of the world where the series is shown. Until now, there are still some women who walk into salons requesting for the Rachel haircut.


  • The Peppy Shag ala-Meg Ryan

All fans of romantic comedy flicks would be familiar with the peppy shag sported by Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail and City of Angels. This do is easy to maintain and exudes a quirky girl attitude, making it the second most popular celebrity hairstyle – next to the Rachel.

  • Dannii Minogue’s Sleek Bob

If you’re opting for something a bit more well put together yet sophisticated, try out Dannii Minouge’s sleek bob. It’s a straight, flawless bob which can be worn with or sans bangs. No matter what your hair color is, this hairstyle would make you look young and fresh.

  • The Royal Hairstyle of Princess Diana

Can you believe that women are still taking style inspirations from the late Princess Diana? Her royal hairdo ranked fourth in the list of the most popular celebrity hairstyles of all time.

  • Victoria Beckham’s Pageboy Cut

After their Spice Girls years, Victoria Beckham became a style icon. Her structured posh pageboy style has an asymmetrical cut which has also become an always-copied hairstyle for women.

  • The Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle

If your significant other still has a 1970s poster of Farrah Fawcett, you may want to opt for a more modern look of her feathered flip hairstyle.

  • The First Lady Haircut

Michelle Obama took the spotlight in 2007 when she became First Lady of the US. Aside from her elegant dresses, she’s also become known for her beautiful, easy-to-maintain classic haircut.

  • The Blonde Curls of Marilyn Monroe

Even if you’re not dressing up for a costume party, you may want to take inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s classic blonde curls hairstyle. It’s guaranteed to make heads turn, especially when worn with red lipstick and a sexy dress.

  • The Layered Locks of Blake Lively

When the TV series Gossip Girl became a style inspiration for tweens and young women, the popularity of Blake Lively’s hairstyle also soared. Her layered locks has become a style inspiration for women across all ages, so much so that the New York Times even chronicled the hairstyle craze.

Out of all these celebrity hairstyles, which one are you most looking forward to trying out?



Out of all these celebrity hairstyles, which one are you most looking forward to trying out?

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