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Milady MindTap: A Revolutionary Teaching Tool

Education has always been important, but in certain fields, it has been thought that you could only receive effective training in-person. Now that the pandemic has forced us to enter a more digital environment in almost every facet of our daily lives, the outlook on remote learning in fields like cosmetology, massage and esthetics have

Advances in Remote Learning

The idea of distance education has been in place for centuries, dating back to the 1800s. This type of learning emerged as a painfully slow process where teachers would teach lessons or assign homework through handwritten mail that may take weeks to arrive and the student would respond in a similar manner. Although it may


#TeamAve5 is a united family. We support each other and we applaud our successes and accomplishments, and that is why we’re coming together, along with the entire industry, to support the #IamAVisualArtist campaign. This empowering campaign aims to petition the Bank of England to add Vidal Sassoon’s name BACK onto the nominations list of those

Cool Summer Hair for Smooth Summer Tunes

The days of the Gen X-ers are gone. Enter the Millenials; we’re independent thinkers and always set the tone for the newest and coolest trends in all things beauty and fashion. This summer, it’s not enough to have the hottest tickets in town to the summer’s best music festivals, but we gotta’ look the part.

5 Incredible Reasons to Become a Hairstylist in Austin

If you’re constantly asking your family or friends about hairstyle options, or even to let you style their hair, then attending hairstyling school might be the right path for you. Whether you’ve just graduated from high school or are keen to get started with a given career path, becoming a hairstylist really could be what

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to a Hair Styling School

Joining a hairstyling school is a dream come true. There are usually a few places available and a huge number of applicants. Therefore, it is important for one to write a flawless application, in order to stand a better chance of getting admitted. Here are some common mistakes that applicants should avoid. Missing Deadlines Normally,