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How Many Years Does it Take to Become a Hairstylist in Austin, TX?

Every year, more and more people consider a career in hair styling. They are often attracted by the good income opportunities as well fun working environments. The only concern voiced by many is the length of time that it takes to become a hairstylist. The answer depends on where you live. Each state sets its own rules and regulations for the cosmetology professions. Hair stylist requirements in Texas will differ slightly from those found in Washington or New York. However, two things are constant: the need to attend a beauty school for hair stylist training and, eventually, to pass an exam for licensing.

Hair Stylist Training

Aspiring cosmetologists in Texas must be prepared to complete 1,000 hours of hair stylist training in order to be eligible for the licensing exam. This takes roughly 8 months to complete if enrolled in a program which calls for 7 hours of study per day, 5 days a week. Look for state-recognized beauty schools to ensure that you will be getting quality education and that you won’t have any problems when it comes to licensing.

You can work towards a cosmetology degree as early as high school. Some institutions offer vocational classes in cosmetology for young students. Try to enroll in as many of these as you can to get a feel for the job. See if you really do enjoy it. 

Licensing Exam

Once you graduate, you can apply for the licensing exam right away. Be sure to be adequately prepared as it can be difficult if you rush into the test. Texas requires hair stylists to pass both a written exam and a practical exam. The system is structured to ensure that licensees are aware of the concepts and are competent in the basic techniques. PSI handles all cosmetology license exams in Texas. The company’s website provides guidelines for test takers as well as helpful tips about what to expect. Be sure to download and read this thoroughly. Use the guide to tailor your review according to the scope of the tests.

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