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What You Need to Know about Licenses in the Massage Therapy Industry

To be a professional in a certain field, you need to have the necessary education, training, and license to perform your job efficiently and legally. The same is true when it comes to the massage therapy industry. Whether you’re a practicing massage therapist or an operator of an establishment which offers massage services, you need

Can Massage Therapists Use Public Speaking to Promote their Business?

If you’re flying solo as a massage therapist and you are not working under any company, how can you increase the influx of business? First, you can ask your existing clients to put your name out there. With just one successful referral for each client, your business will double within the next few months. Second,

Interviewing for a Massage Therapist Position? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you think that all job interviews are created equal, think again. There are certain job positions which require more than just an individual sitting on the other side of the desk, being asked questions by the interviewer. This is precisely the case when you’re applying for a position as a massage therapist. Let’s say

Steps to Follow when Marketing Your Massage Therapy Services

You just received that crisp, non-wrinkled certification from massage therapy school. You already completed your skills set training, and acquired sufficient skills and hours with patients so you know that you are 100% set to start your very own massage therapy business. Since the only things that you need are your skills as a therapist

Are You a Massage Therapist? Here’s How You Can Effectively Market Your Services

You just finished your massage therapy training, you got your certification and you have become quite skilful in applying different massage techniques. However, you decided that instead of working for a spa, a health clinic, a hospital or similar establishments where you can seek employment, you would rather work with your slew of clients. This