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The Importance of Quality Hair & Makeup Training

makeup trainingEvery aspiring stylist or makeup artist needs to enroll in a hair and makeup school.  Unfortunately, not all beauty colleges are created equal.  Potential students need to weed out the good schools from the bad in order to ensure that they get a high quality education.

Importance of Hair and Makeup Schools

People who style their own hair and apply make-up regularly often believe that they have the skills to work in the beauty industry.  This is not the case.  Both hair stylists and makeup artists need to have special skills which can only be acquired by attending a good beauty school.

Listed below are some of the skills you’ll learn.

  • How to work on different hair and skin types
  • Tips and tricks that only industry insiders know
  • How to make customers feel comfortable on the makeup or hair chair
  • How to apply basic, wedding, television and film makeup
  • How to cut, dye and style hair

Applying one’s own makeup is very different to working as a makeup professional.  Every beauty school should teach makeup artists and hair stylists the skills they need to excel in the beauty world.

The Importance of Choosing High Quality Hair and Makeup Schools

Some beauty colleges are more concerned about making money than teaching students about beauty.  This often leads to them cutting corners and providing an inadequate education.

If students do not learn all they need to know at beauty school, they will struggle in the workplace.  Most workers in the beauty industry work alone.  This means that there will be no-one around to teach workers skills they were supposed to learn during training.

If this happens, the worker will struggle to meet their client’s needs.  In some cases, this may ruin the worker’s professional reputation.  For example, if a make-up artist cannot do special FX makeup on a TV show, they may not get work with that network again.

Breaking into the beauty industry is hard work.  This field is extremely competitive.  Beauty professionals need to have a good skill set at the very minimum.  This combined with enthusiasm, a friendly manner and a good portfolio will lead to a successful career.

Not to mention, employers look upon people with a good education favorably.  A graduate from a reputable beauty school is more likely to get work than someone who attended a school that is known for taking shortcuts.

How to Choose a Good Beauty School

In order to get a quality education, potential students should find out the following information before they enroll in cosmetology college.

  • What is in the curriculum?  Each course will teach students different skills.  For instance, a makeup course should cover regular makeup, natural makeup, film and television work and basic hair styling.
  • How long is the course?  It should be longer than a few months.
  • Is the program accredited?  If so, it has to meet guidelines set out by the state.
  • Who is teaching the course?  Reputable schools often hire tutors who have worked in the industry and have a good reputation.
  • What are people saying about the school?  If the school is churning out graduates who are ill-prepared for the workforce, people will be talking.

Attending beauty school is a crucial step to becoming a beauty professional.  Graduates who have the right knowledge and an entrepreneurial streak have the potential to make a lot of money.  Job satisfaction is another perk of this job.  However, none of this will be possible without enrolling in hair and make-up school.

One thought on “The Importance of Quality Hair & Makeup Training

  1. It’s nice that you talked about how a graduate of a reputable beauty school is more likely to get work than someone who attended a school that is know for taking shortcuts. It seems my younger sister wants to be an esthetician and we want to support her with her career path choice. But before she could become one, she should attend a good beauty school first.

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