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5 Things You Only Get After Going to Beauty College

Beauty College

So you’ve put in hours of teasing hair, contouring jaw lines, perfecting the rounded-square nail look, and now you’re armed with an artillery of astounding beauty techniques that set you apart from the crowd.  They say that once something has been learned it can’t be unlearned, so whether you’ve already graduated, or you’re on your way here are the top five things you’ll only get after get after attending beauty college.

1. Amateur YouTube Tutorials No Longer Cut It

By now you have probably seen the contouring videos that have become so popular.  However, after you’ve been put through the paces at beauty college, you know that just isn’t going to cut it when you’re working with a client. In fact, now that you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to make your own tutorials.

2. You Won’t Have to Abandon Your Old Friends When You’re in College

Beauty college is the best because class can sometimes be like a giant sleepover when you have to bring your training models in, and who’s better than your own friends?!  You get to spend class making your friend look amazing, and teaching them how to recreate the look while you get to reap the benefit of good grades and practice – it’s a total win-win!  Also, the look on their face when it’s SFX make-up day when they thought they were coming in for a couture look is priceless.

3. Finding That So-Called “Relaxation CDs” Are Anything But

You’ve been listening to the same pan flute solo on loop for hours.  Why hasn’t anyone considered other instruments for these CDs, or at least a different song – they all start to blend after a while… You know what, bagpipes might be a welcome change.

4. “Eyelash Perm” Are the Two WORST words in the English Language

All of those hours spent learning how to do the eyelash perm and tint has left an indelible permanent mark on your poor little psyche.  As if it wasn’t already hard enough nailing every other technique to make your client look their best, now you have to worry about not blinding them.  But after you finally nailed the skill you were totally on top of the world, and way ahead of your competition.

5. You Are the Most Stylish Person You Know

Since you’ve spent every day styling others and sometimes yourself for practice, you know how to make yourself look fabulously on point.  You are your own best portfolio of work, which you use everyday as an excuse to show off your exceptional skills and look amazing while you’re at it.

Are you Interested in a Career in the Beauty Industry?

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Our beauty programs have been strategically designed based on the proven working knowledge of master educators and beauty industry professionals, who remain connected to current trends, techniques and products.  For more information, please contact us today, or schedule a tour of our facility, and begin your journey in beauty!

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