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Why You CAN Go Back to School With Kids

Mother is sitting at her computer, looking to return to beauty school, her daughter standing beside her, giving her a big hug.

Going back to school can be a challenging task, and it can be especially daunting to consider if you have children. Gaining new skills and experience through further education is possible, however, and may even enrich your relationship with your children. Here are three reasons you can go back to beauty school with kids:

Financial aid for mature students

If you’re worried about money, Back to College may have some good news for you: “The money is sitting out there waiting for you to claim it.” The internet is your friend with this one. Many schools can also point you in the right direction for funding.

You could find new common ground with your kids

Being in the workforce can change your priorities and create very different challenges than being a student. Add changes in teaching methodology to the mix, and your children’s day-to-day experiences are probably very different from your own. Going back to school may actually reconnect you with some of the issues they are dealing with.

Furthermore, doing something like going back to school that focuses on your desires and needs gives you an added dimension. You aren’t just mom; you’re a living, growing, learning human being. Recognizing this may cause you and your kids to see your role in a new light.

Educational options are plentiful and flexible

If you’re worried about being away from the kids, look for a school near you or one that offers distance courses. Many schools also offer courses at times of day that accommodate unusual schedules. You also aren’t obligated to go back to school full time. Being a part-time student could enrich your life without taking you away too much from your family.

Training for a Career in Beauty

Many people go back to school to train for a new career. If you’re considering cosmetology, esthetics, or massage therapy, Avenue Five can help. These careers often allow for hours outside the usual 9-5, and our training is available online and on evenings and weekends.

Click here for more information about our beauty courses, or fill out the form on the right and a member of our staff will contact you soon. You can also call us at 512-630-0099.

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