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Here's How Much You Can Make as a Cosmetologist


On average, a cosmetologist can expect to make close to $28,000 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that, out of almost 350,000 hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists employed in the US, their most recently calculated median annual wage was $27,940. The mean hourly wage was $13.43. Hawaii (with an average mean wage of $39,130), the District of Columbia ($37,130), and Delaware ($35,810) were the top-paying states. These numbers do not include tips, which can add a lot to a cosmetologist’s earnings. Also not accounted for is the fact that many cosmetologists work part-time because the job is flexible.

The Beauty Schools Directory and The Nest explain that several factors can affect how much you make:

Where you work

Major metropolitan areas may mean higher pay and more tips than smaller, rural places can provide, both due to population and resources. How (and how much) you’re paid can also depend on whether you work in a salon or a booth. If you work in a salon, you’ll probably make an hourly wage plus tips. If you rent a booth, you won’t have set earnings that you can rely on, but you’ll be able to keep all the money you make after rental costs. You can also have a mobile business, going to clients’ homes and reducing your location-related expenses that way, though you still have to figure out transport.

Your experience

As you become more skilled, increase your knowledge through education, and build your client base, you will probably make more money both in salary and tips. You’ll also have more options if your current job isn’t paying what you’d like to be making.

Your sales tactics

If you remind your clients to rebook, you’ll have a better chance at more money. Referrals are also key. More clients equals better pay.

What aspect of cosmetology you work in

According to 2011 data, skin care specialists make the most on average, with hairdressers making less but still more than manicurists and pedicurists. Top earners in hairdressing can make the profession as a whole seem far more lucrative than it is for the average person in this field, however. These aren’t the only options for a cosmetologist, either. You can also become a manager in a salon or spa and likely make more money.

What’s the next step to become a cosmetologist?

Well, the next step is to find a reputable, accredited, and affordable cosmetology school to enroll in. At Avenue Fuve, our cosmetology program and facilities have been strategically designed based on the proven working knowledge of master educators and beauty industry professionals.

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