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How a Professional Massage can Soothe Chronic Headaches

When you’re suffering from a simple headache that occurs occasionally, don’t you feel irritated and unable to do anything at work or around the house? Just imagine how doubly difficult it must be for those who are suffering from chronic headaches. Here, we will take a look at the causes of chronic headaches, check out one particularly study made about it, and how a professional massage can help soothe the pain associated with this health condition.

What are the Causes of Chronic Headaches?

First, what exactly is a chronic headache and what causes it? There is actually no one reason which pinpoints to the main cause of chronic headaches. However, there are certain medical conditions with chronic headaches as one of the symptoms. This includes:
– Infections
– Inflammation of blood vessels in the brain
– Intracranial pressure
– Brain tumor or traumatic brain injury

Those who are overusing medication might also suffer from chronic headaches, specifically bouts of migraine. Females are more prone to experiencing chronic headaches, as well as people who are suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, obesity, caffeine or medication overuse, as well as other chronic pain conditions.

Studies Made about Healing Chronic Headaches with Massages

A study published at PubMed Central in 2002 analyzed the possibility of healing chronic headaches through a professional massage. The research was provided by the Massage Therapy Foundation and the goal of the study is to determine if massage therapy can be used as a non-pharmacological approach to dealing with chronic headaches.

The study suggests that chronic headaches may come from sustained contraction of muscles in the head and neck. The result is deficiency in local nutrients from ischemia. This, in turn, leads to the contraction of muscles which are felt as chronic headaches. To check on the effectiveness of massage therapy for treating chronic headaches, ten patients underwent an 8-week period when they were given 30-minute massage therapy sessions.

The massage therapy specifically targeted the neck and shoulder muscles. On four instances when the patients were given a professional massage, they reported that the headache was alleviated. Although more extensive studies need to be conducted, practitioners can use the initial research as basis for recommending massage therapy for treating patients with chronic headaches.

How Else Can a Professional Massage Soothe Chronic Headaches?

Other studies have shown that treating chronic headaches with massage therapy is a good idea, because it can:
– Reduce depression, anxiety and perceived pain
– Help ease anger and tension
– Reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of chronic headaches
– Increase the range of cervical motion

Perhaps the most important aspect about using massage therapy as a way to treat chronic headaches is the fact that there is decreased medication usage. If you are suffering from headaches almost daily and you pop an Ibuprofen every time the pain attacks, you might find yourself relying on medication too much. With the help of massage therapy, you can have a no-meds way of treating the chronic headaches while enjoying utmost relaxation at the same time.

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