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How to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in Texas

In order to become a licensed cosmetologist in Texas, one must meet requirements set by the Texas State Board of Cosmetology. Here are the necessarily steps to accomplishing this goal.

Training Required to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in Texas

To start with, you will have to undergo training in an approved and licensed cosmetology school. Enrollment requirements vary from one institution to the next. In general, you must have cleared high school and earned a diploma or a GED. In addition, you should be at least 17 years or older (some schools require students to be 18 years or older). Adults who do not have a high school diploma can request a special test to gauge their intellectual acuity from the State Board of Cosmetology.

Once enrolled in a cosmetology institution, you must complete a minimum of 1,000 hours of training and then take the state’s cosmetology exam.   You can only get the state’s cosmetology license after passing the state’s board exam. The good news for people who do not speak English is that this exam is available in various languages such as Spanish and Vietnamese.

How to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in Texas Through Reciprocity

If you earned a cosmetologist license while living in another state, you should inquire about the license reciprocity program. A license for license reciprocity program simply involves transferring your license from the state where you acquired it to the state of Texas. However, this reciprocity program may not extend to people who earned their licenses in Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon, Illinois, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Iowa. This does not mean that cosmetologists from these states cannot practice their craft in Texas.

The rule of thumb is to contact the Texas State Board of Cosmetology to find out if it is possible to take additional exams or undergo extra training. Take note that the Texas department of Licensing and Regulations (TLDR) is responsible for approving or declining applications for licensure submitted by cosmetologists from other states. The cost of transferring a license in this manner is $167. One should renew his/her cosmetology license every two years (the renewal fee is $53). Requirements for license renewal include submitting a renewal form, providing proof of participation in continuous education, as well as paying the renewal fee.

In summary, in order to practice cosmetology in the state of Texas, one would require a cosmetology license. Nevertheless, one must satisfy the state’s board of cosmetology requirements. These include enrolling in a licensed cosmetology school and completing a minimum of 1,000 training hours. Furthermore, one must pass an exam administered by the State Board of Cosmetology. These steps show that it is not hard to become a licensed cosmetologist in Texas.

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  1. I just moved here from Canada, I went to cosmetology school in Vancouver how do I find out what I need to do in order to practice my hair dressing skills here?

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