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Is Advanced Esthetician Training for You?

An advanced esthetician training can open many doors of opportunities for aspiring estheticians. In this profession, training is critical for keeping one updated about the latest trends, styles and products, and ensuring that one has the necessary skills to remain competitive in the industry. With the right training, a knowledgeable esthetician can build a solid career in this field.

Admission Requirements

Most programs require students to have completed a high school education before enrolling in an esthetician course. In general, students are required to submit the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • Certificate of Basic Esthetician Training Course or Program
  • Completed Application Form
  • Other Documents Such as Diplomas, Transcripts of Record and Certificates of Training from Other Schools
  • Payment for Registration and Tuition Fees

Other Requirements

Many training schools require students to pass a career-specific aptitude exam to test the applicant’s capabilities and potential in the field of their choice. Since most students who sign up for advanced training already have some type of practical experience, they may also be required to submit a resume. Prior to acceptance to a program, students may also be required to undergo an interview with school administrators and trainers.

Becoming an Esthetician

With advanced training, estheticians will be able to obtain the necessary qualifications and skills they will need to become more competitive. Although estheticians focus on promoting the physical aspects of beauty, they also do far more for their clients through their services. Estheticians help enhance and improve their clients’ appearance. By doing so, they also help improve their confidence and self-esteem to a certain extent. Estheticians also provide important support for a number of industries, such as personal care, health and wellness, cosmetics, entertainment and fashion.

Job Opportunities for Estheticians

Estheticians have the training and practical experience to work as makeup artists. They have excellent skills that can be utilized in a career that focuses on the beautification and enhancement of facial features using cosmetics. Makeup artists can focus on advanced esthetician training to specialize in high fashion, bridal or theatrical makeup application.

Sales Representative or Consultant

Estheticians have the ideal background and training to work for companies that produce and manufacture cosmetics. Since they have better understanding about the nature and characteristics of makeup and cosmetics, they will be very effective in selling and promoting the products to consumers. They can also work as consultants to cosmetic manufacturers for formulating and producing cosmetics that meet current trends and customer demands.

Beauty Consultant

Estheticians are in the best position to offer news and advice about beauty trends, practices and products.

Store or Spa Manager

Highly skilled and knowledgeable estheticians are in high demand as managers. They can promote, apply and sell products to clients to introduce services and increase sales.

Licensing Examiner

State examiners and inspectors are in charge of conducting licensure exams, enforcing laws and regulations, conducting hearings and conferences, and investigating consumer complaints. Experienced and certified estheticians with advanced esthetician training may earn the qualifications to become beauty school instructors and/or examiners.

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