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Why Your Second Career Will be Better

Stylist enjoying a beauty career, giving a client a haircut.

When starting a new career, you may be filled with equal parts excitement and anxiety. Will your new career be what you’re hoping for? Are you leaving behind security? But there is room for optimism as well. Here are a few reasons why your second career will be better than the first:

You have a better idea of what you want

Presumably, you’re considering or acting on the desire for a new career because something about your first option isn’t working anymore. Life experience can teach us surprising things about ourselves. According to Harvard Business Review, “Central to a person’s aspirations, the ego ideal is an idealized image of oneself in the future.”

This image changes over time; self-knowledge can take time to develop. And while we can never attain this perfect ideal, “The closer a person gets to the ego ideal, therefore, the better he [or she]  feels about himself [or herself].” Your desire for a new career could reflect a more mature understanding of yourself and what you both want and need from life.

You can learn from past mistakes

While you may be considering a very different field, some lessons about managing money, what you care about in a job, and how you work best are going to apply regardless of the industry you wish to enter. Even if you’re planning to start your own business, you’ve probably noticed some universal missteps on the part of your past employers, and applying this knowledge could help you avoid those errors.

You won’t be left wondering if life could be better

While starting a new career involves at least some degree of risk, making a change is empowering. The alternative is staying in an unsatisfying situation. Opening yourself up to your potential is worth it, if only because you’ll get to answer that nagging question: what if? As the Huffington Post points out, “Moving beyond the linear thinking of “it must be this way,” we see possibilities of how things could be; the combinations are endless and inspiring.”

A New Career in the Beauty Industry

If a career in beauty sounds like something that might interest you, Avenue Five Institute is the perfect start. Since 2007, Avenue Five has proudly trained Austin’s most influential future beauty professionals. We have helped thousands of students train for a career they love, and can help you too.

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