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Skin Care Tips for Men? Yes, Please!

Cosmetics manufacturing is a billion dollar industry and the customers are mostly women. But did you know that men should buy their share of these products, too? If your grooming ritual simply consists of using shampoo and a bar of soap while showering, it’s really time to up the ante. This is especially true if you would like to take better care of your skin and look good when you’re older.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to fill up your bathroom counter with cosmetic, grooming or beauty products which come in a variety of bottles and jars. Having a few solid items to include in your morning shaving ritual should be enough to give you good skin and make you look even better.

Top Items that Men Should Have in their Grooming Arsenal

When men hop in the shower, they mostly use a plain bar of soap and shampoo. Shaving cream and cologne as well as oral hygiene products are also items that you would see in their bathroom – but that’s about it. If you’re a man who would like to up the ante a bit when it comes to your grooming ritual, here are the top items that you should have:

  • A high-quality razor

Men shave five or more times a week, depending on how fast their facial hair grows. Instead of wasting your money on buying disposable razors, why not invest in a good quality one? Whether it’s the electric type or a classic razor, a good quality one should last you for practically a lifetime. Choose one that fits the sensitivity of your facial skin as well as the coarseness of your beard. Another good point to take note of is that when buying multi-blade razors, they are actually more likely to cause razor burn or ingrown hair. This is because the hair is pulled below the superficial layer of the skin a bit too deeply. If you must use a multi-blade razor, choose one with a moisturizing strip to soothe the skin prior to cutting the individual hair strands.

  • An after-shave product.

Shaving gel and an after-shave product are two other shaving-related items that you should have stored in your bathroom. Slather on the shaving gel before using the razor, then use a good after-shave product. These offer hydration and seals in the skin after a shave – just make sure to choose the alcohol-free variant to get rid of the sting and to keep your skin from drying.

  • A cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type

Men may scoff at the thought of using moisturizers and cleansers but their skin actually needs these. Go for gentle-formula cleansers that suit your skin type and use it instead of bar soaps while taking a shower.

  • Facial moisturizer

There are good quality moisturizers which are specifically designed for men. If you don’t like the flowery scents, choose one which is fragrance-free. Facial moisturizers do exactly that: moisturize your skin so that they will not look all leathery and wrinkly as you age.

  • Sunscreen

Finally, don’t skip applying sunscreen on your face as well as any exposed body parts. This is not a case of vanity but is simply a healthier way of protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

How about you, which products are a must-have in your grooming arsenal?

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