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The History of Hair Extensions

Hair extensionsFirst you need to know that Hair extension courses are, if you will pardon the pun, a thing of beauty and also enjoy a rich, illustrious history.

From Cleopatra and the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, to Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, to just about every modern-day A-lister imaginable: The history of extensions is about as long as the history of hair itself.

Alright, not quite, but it does make us feel somewhat better about our obsession with silky extensions, knowing that even 5500 years ago humans did not always go quite au naturel.

The History of Hair Extensions

As mentioned, the practice of using extensions is not exactly a new trend, but where did it actually start?

It is believed that, from about 3500BC, Egyptian pharaohs and other important members of society frequently donned intricate extensions in their hair. In Ancient Egyptian society, akin to similar beliefs in many cultures since, admirably thick and shiny hair was seen as a status symbol, particularly a symbol of affluence and importance.

We are not sure how affluent a full head of hair makes a person in this day and age, but one cannot deny that long, beautiful hair or thick healthy locks can still make quite the first impression. English royalty and nobility have been known to favor wigs and extensions for centuries, but the popularity of woven extensions increased significantly during the Victorian era. Queen Victoria herself was rumored to suffer from baldness.

This period of hair extension revival was paralleled by a similar movement in the US, which no doubt lead to the widespread acceptance of hair extensions in the 20th century. Today, most actresses, and singers have most likely had hair extensions at some point in her life. Of course, hair extensions are no longer only for the rich and famous, or for those of us who unfortunately suffer from hair loss and chronically thinning hair.

In keeping with this trend, the completion of hair extension courses is an increasing requirement for many a hair stylist in all the top salons. In order to be a versatile hair stylist today, expert knowledge of extension types and extension application techniques.

Hair Extension Courses

If you are interested in becoming a top hair stylist, or are currently a hair stylist wanting to up the ante on your marketability, look for hair extension courses that adhere to the highest industry standard.


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