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What are the Most Effective Massage Techniques for Stress Relief?

Why do some people consider massages as a luxury, while others think of it as a necessity? Those who consider massages to be a necessity are probably the ones who experience a great amount of stress in their lives. As such, they consider massages to be a form of stress relief. As the stroke and knead of a therapist’s hands on their knotted muscles ease away the tension, the stress in the body, mind and even spirit is also released.

The good news is that there are actually plenty of massage techniques which are specifically done to ease away the stress in the body. According to the American Psychological Association, 25% of Americans experience a high level of stress while 50% go through moderate levels of stress. When you are constantly exposed to stress, it will take its toll on the body and lead to negative effects to the health like high blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety, depression, or obesity.

The Most Effective Massage Techniques to Ease Away Stress

So what are the most effective massage techniques to help ease away stress? Take a look:

  • Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to enhance the effects of a massage. It is one of the most effective ways to ease away stress. The use of essential oils enhances the sense of smell and since the nostrils are attached to the limbic system, the mere scent of the essential oil will produce the desired effects based on the essential oil used. For example, lavender is a natural relaxant so if you are feeling particularly anxious, a lavender aromatherapy massage will calm you down.

  • Auricular Accupressure

For this, the focus is all about the earlobes. Auricular pressure is applied to the lower ear lobe, the head, the feet and the top of the ear. The earlobes contain several hundress pressure points which correspond to the central nervous system, and stimulating this part helps release endorphins. With this, the natural stress-relieving hormones of the body are unleashed, in return making the person being massaged feel utterly relaxed.

  • Head Massage

A good head massage eases away the stress in a person’s body. You don’t even need to book the services of a professional massage therapist for this. You simply need to learn about the basic techniques of giving a head massage, and give this gift to a loved one.

  • Hand/Foot Massage

Another massage technique that does not really require the services of a pro massage therapist is a hand or foot massage. There are nerve endings in the toes, the pad of the feet, the ankles, the fingers, the palm of the hands and the pulse points which, when stimulated, will help alleviate stress.

  • Swedish Massage

Finally, there’s Swedish massage which is one of the most popular massage techniques for stress relief. The kneading, rubbing, pushing and pulling motions help ease away the knots on the muscles and release tension. Swedish massage also helps enhance blood circulation, lower blood pressure and relax the body in general.

No matter which of these massage techniques you end up choosing, they can all lead to alleviating any amount of stress that may have accumulated in your mind and body due to any number of factors.



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