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What is Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

trigger point massage therapy - woman works on tight muscles in man's shoulders

Trigger point massage therapy is focused on relieving areas of pain by massaging trigger points. It involves applying specialized pressure to release areas of tension and muscle knots. Trigger points are knots in your muscles that cause pain throughout the body.

For instance, tight muscles in your neck can cause a dull or sharp pain in your head. In addition, lower back pain is often associated with knots in your leg muscles. Muscle knots can even cause jaw pain and other seemingly unrelated pain throughout the body.

Massaging trigger points has been shown to offer significant relief, hence how it has become a popular form of massage therapy. 

Working out knots is an important part of a complex puzzle that researchers continue to study. Some evidence points to the fact that muscle knots may contain polluted tissue, which suggests that not only can knots cause pain, but they are technically polluting your body. Regular body work helps release muscle knots and can improve overall health and feelings of wellbeing.

Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy

While trigger point massage therapy is not a cure-all, it is incredibly important and often overlooked by traditional medical doctors. Especially in a world where body pain is on the rise. Pills are often the go-to method to cure pain, but trigger point massage therapy is a healthier and safer way to address potential underlying causes. Other benefits include:

  • By working out knots, you release tight muscles and help reduce pain.
  • Patients have expressed a reduction of pain in as little as one treatment.
  • Regular trigger point massages offer a natural way to regulate pain from chronic injuries
  • It can also serve as a form of stress release
  • It is an affordable and safe way to try and relieve long-standing pain and discomfort

Working with Your Clients for the Best Results

Client communication is crucial to a job well done. Clients can assist in their own treatment by taking a series of deep breaths while the massage therapist applies specialized pressure in just the right areas. It is helpful if the client provides feedback as you work out trigger points, letting you know when pain increases or where they feel the most sensitivity.

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