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Facelift Massage: Overview and Benefits

One of the many concepts taught at massage school in Austin, TX – or any massage school, for that matter, is facial massage. Don’t mistake this for a typical facial treatment that customers get at a beauty salon. Instead of dealing with the treatment of the superficial layer of the skin, a facial massage goes beyond the epidermis. Full of nerves, stress points, and pleasure points, the face is one part of the human body that is typically ignored when a massage is administered. However, there are plenty of benefits when a massage therapist pays attention to this part of the body.

Before counting down the benefits of a facelift massage, let us first have an overview of the treatment. Facial massage, specifically facelift massage, is a recent trend in the spa, beauty, and wellness industry. Some of most well-known types of facial or facelift massage are:

  • Belavi’s facelift massage
  • Cool Lift Face Rejuvenation Massage by Nature Stone
  • Indian facial massage
  • Rejuvenating Facelift Massage by NatureSynergy
  • Facelift massage by Upledger

Depending on the establishment you’re employed in, there might be variations to the techniques of giving a facelift or facial massage. A facelift or facial massage usually involves light strokes to get the blood circulation going. Next, cream, water, or a special facial oil is applied on the skin. Massage strokes are applied, typically from the jawline, the eye area, then onto the forehead and the temples.

If you have long been part of the massage industry, you might need to go through continuing education courses to be trained in administering facelift massages. If you just stepped out of a massage school in Austin, TX, the subject could already be part of your training.

What are the Benefits of a Facelift Massage?

Next, what are the benefits of a facelift or a facial massage? Just like any other beauty and wellness treatment, making a client feel and look good about himself or herself is its primary benefit. It may be a relatively new procedure but it’s become a huge hit among clients so you are bound to see more and more spa establishments offering this type of treatment.

Aside from making you feel and look good, a facelift massage also helps improve your mood. When you’re super stressed from work or with your home life, you might notice your frown lines and facial wrinkles getting more pronounced. This is something that can be treated and alleviated with a simple facelift massage.

If you’re suffering from sinusitis, feeling the skilled fingers of a massage therapist will also help ease the congestion. For this, the facial massage might include steam inhalation or aromatherapy. As the massage goes on, the build-up of mucus in your sinus area will be eased. Any symptoms of puffiness on the nasal area or remaining headaches is also bound to disappear.

A facial massage also helps detoxify the body as it stimulates the lymphatic vessels in that part of the body. For detoxification purposes, the therapist will focus on massaging the chin, the jawline and the lower part of the face.

Those who are conscious about the way their skin looks would also be glad to know that a facial massage is a surgery-free way of minimizing wrinkles and smoothing out the complexion. Since it is non-invasive, facelift massages are a great alternative to injections, laser therapy, or even chemical peels.

If you’re a graduate of a massage school in Austin, TX, remember that this massage is not supposed to last more than twenty minutes long. Any more than that time span will defeat the purpose of smoothing out the complexion because it will stretch the facial muscles and possibly lead to wrinkles. Other than that, a facial massage is a great way to encourage clients to pamper themselves while caring for their skin at the same time.

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